Vegas shopping!

Okay Aerie has been killing it in the loungewear department. How cute and comfy is this set?! I bought all the colors they had in store.

I’m in an XS in the sweatshirt. It’s such a good one!

I am also in an XS in the pants and I’ll be in the for the rest of winter. Haha There aren’t a ton of sizes online, but there were a lot in store!

Shoes are New Balance! Here is a link to the same ones on Stock X and I’ll link similar ones I’ve been eyeing here, here, and here! I love these shoes and they go with everything!

I switched things up with my phone case this trip and tried out a phone chain! This one is from Ossa New York. I like it! It’s nice if I’m traveling but I don’t think it’s pracitcal for everyday use. Here’s a similar, less expensive one from Amazon.