Sephora Spring Savings Event

Considering I’m homeschooling 4 kids, cooking full-time (almost), haven’t hung out with anyone other than my family in the past month, and the whole global pandemic that’s going on, keeping up with ANYTHING ELSE on top of EVERYTHING ELSE can feel like a lot, which is why you’ve seen me indulging in a little more self-care than normal.

It’s not a cure-all, but it has been a huge help in clearing my head, creating “me” time, and disconnecting from the chaos that’s happening around me. Carving out personal time to decompress makes a big difference for me during all this newness.

Luckily for all us self-professed product junkies, Sephora just announced the start of its Spring Savings Event, which means it’s time to stock up on all of your favorites and maybe find a few new ones. By shopping now, you can score up to 20% OFF your favorites or products on your list that you’ve been saving up for like Dyson! It’s the biggest deal on them you’ll see all year and is a great time to pick up Super Sonic Hair Dryer, the Airwrap (def my favorite), or even their Corrale™ Hair Straightener!


Being A Beauty Insider

Sephora opens up their sale dates to you based on your Beauty Insider level! Rouge cardholders (those who spend over $1,000 annually) will receive the highest markdown at 20% off from April 17 to May 1, while VIB members (those who spend at least $350 each year) will get 15% off from April 21 to April 29, and Insider members (no spending amount required) will get 10% off from April 23 to April 27.

Even if you aren’t a Rouge member, it’s great to make your list and be ready to shop once your shopping window opens! There are so many great things on sale that I’m sure you won’t have a problem quickly finding your favorites so I’m only linking my VERY FAVORITES from this year’s sale:


My everyday skincare is comprised of TULA but I do use a few other serums and tools that really help to keep my skin clear. For undereye I really love this Undereye Fix and these Acne Pads are great for evening out your skin tone.

• • •


What better time to figure out if your unruly waves can be coerced into springy curls? These products and tools will become your new best friends.

• • •


Working on my hair health has been huge this past year and these straight-hair favorites have made the biggest difference!

• • •


You guys know I love a good scent! Now is the time to get some of my full-size favorites, or to score a sampler if you haven’t settled on a specific scent.

• • •


I always stock up on one of my favorite CC Creams and setting powders. And this is also a great time to switch up your foundation if you are looking for better formulations!

• • •

BRows, Eyeshadows, & Cheeks

And no matter how often I change my other makeup, I always go back to Anastasia for my brows and all of her products I purchase in the shade auburn! I don’t use many eye products from Sephora but their eye stick in the shade ‘Pretty Little Thing’ is a staple and #41 and #4 are good highlight colors for brightening.

• • •

Self Tanning 

I love Isle of Paradise for my face and it’s certified clean! I also love the dark tanning spray as well. And I spray this on a blush brush at night and lightly dust where I would put bronzer. It provides a great natural glow sans makeup and can also be seen beneath my foundation! It’s also a great time to pick up this tanning butter at a discount.

• • •

3 Things I Can’t & Don’t Live Without!

I’m a diehard fan of Shine and listed all of my other favorites here. But the one I will always pick up from the Sephora sale is Buxom’s color-changing chapstick in the color Big O – I LOOOOOOVE IT! Second is this brush cleaner – holy cow! It’s amazing and gets all the crap off my brushes in seconds. And third, this case means I will never have to carry around a damp sponge again. It makes traveling such a breeze.

• • •

SOME THINGS I used to BUY AT THE SEPHORA SALE but don’t anymore because I found better dupes:

I definitely don’t say this lightly because I do love my Sephora picks but $30 bucks for a sponge? Ummmm, no thanks! And why spend more and get less when you can spend less and get more? And it matches the quality. So here are things that I don’t buy at Sephora because they’re better IMO.

Beauty Blenders

These 5 are $8.99 for the set – I will never buy the other kind ever again!


There are 3 brands I prefer to anything Sephora carries: Thrive (both my girls fave… and tons of followers faves too. It flakes on me but I love the brush so I still use it), the No 7 at Target (my favorite one-step tubing mascara), and the OG L’oreal Double Extend.


I used to stock up on Donna Karan at this sale. While I do miss the scent, I fully switched over to a clean deodorant last year and am still loving it! It takes a few days to get used to and it comes in a ton of different scents.

Makeup Brushes

I don’t think anything compares to Maskcara brushes. These makeup brushes are my FAVORITE. I love that they are double-sided so they take up less space and they’re SUPER high quality. I use this specific brush to apply my B.B. cream/foundation and the other side of the brush I use to put my blush on with. And I use this Maskcara brush to apply my contour and it’s double-sided as well. I also love Shine Cosmetics Blush Brush and use it with that self-tanning spray every other night! Use code TARA10 to get 10% off your entire purchase with Shine Cosmetics!

• • • • •

Not a Beauty Insider Member yet? It’s totally free to sign up, but you’ll want to do so ahead of the sale so that you can join in on the sales Sephora has throughout the year! So go forth and let your self-care commence!

Xx Tara

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