Shopping Small Business Saturday

Does anyone else dread Black Friday? Seriously, I only need to read one of those stories of two parents duking it out while shopping for Christmas before I vow never to leave my house again. The girls somehow convinced me to brave the mall and I’m still not convinced it was the wisest choice. Big crowds, lots of noise and shoving, and just not my jam!

But we survived!

So maybe you decided to skip out on Black Friday this year- I get it. But, if there is one shopping day you don’t skip out on, it should be Small Business Saturday (SBS).


Supporting Small Businesses Builds Communities

Held annually the Saturday after Thanksgiving since 2010, SBS is an awesome way to support small businesses. Not just in your community, but all over the United States.

There are 30.2 million small businesses in the United States, accounting for 99.9% of U.S. businesses. I love that our economy is built by businesses that are created and operated by my friends and neighbors. I often think about being a small business at Poppy & Dot and I’m so grateful that our local community supported Layla and me when we opened our doors. The local support has been so meaningful and inspiring to see!

Shopping Small Business Saturday is a way to support budding entrepreneurs, family-run businesses, and many sustainable practices grow, hire within their community, and the upside is that you’re typically getting really well-made, handcrafted product. Layla and I have been able to hire young mothers who want to help their families financially while still having the time to support their households!

But that isn’t the only reason to shop small. As an owner of Poppy & Dot and my other small business, Car Litter Bags, I can’t begin to express to you the difficulties of striking out on your own. It takes courage, gumption, money, and so much more to start a side-hustle, grow it, and turn it into the main gig.

When you shop small, you’re not just supporting someone else’s big dreams, but a family as well. As a business owner myself, I can’t even express my level of gratitude adequately for the many women who have support Layla and me over the years and shopped Poppy & Dot.

Get Out Today & Shop Small

This year, step out of your comfort zone and stop by your local bakery, restaurant, coffee shop, or boutique and support your neighborhood store rather than shopping a national chain. The community wins as a whole, but the individuals that took a chance and made their dream a reality win as well.

I also wanted to share with you 8 businesses local to me that I absolutely love. They make a killer product, change lives, create things my family uses daily, and they’re changing their communities through positive initiatives! These are items that will make great Christmas presents, great stocking stuffers, and that the whole family can enjoy!

So check out my list below as I introduce you to 8 of my favorite small businesses. Some of the discount codes are the lowest discount they do all year and it’s exclusive to you! So enjoy – and let me know in the comments what you end up getting!

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