Small Gifts & Stocking Picks From Urban Outfitters – 20% OFF!

There’s nothing like waking up on Christmas morning, racing downstairs and watching your kids rip apart your beautifully wrapped boxes under the tree. And yes, those big-ticket items are certainly exciting, but the best things really do come in the smallest packages.

So, your stocking-stuffer game plan has to be on-point. To ensure your stocking stuffers aren’t ranked among lumps of coal, I’m showing you what I picked up for my girls. From super adorable airpod cases to Polaroid camera holders. I made a mad dash to get most of their things during Urban Outfitter’s 20% OFF daily deal (that’s on your entire order) that’s only going on TODAY!

So take a quick peek and cross those last few small gifts and stocking stuffers off your list! And, maybe scoop up a little something for yourself, too.

And if you’re still working on some of your bigger items, you should def check out their selection of coats and jackets, their cold-weather accessories, and you should definitely check out their selection of games – they’re mini, throwbacks, and your teens and tweens will totally dig them!


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