The Traveler’s Gift Guide

Now that Christmas is nearly upon us, it’s time to stock up on jet-setting essentials for escaping these dipping temperatures. The savviest of travelers not only know how to plan, but they also know how to pack. And since I can’t physically map out your trips and fill your suitcases, I crafted a shopping itinerary instead to help streamline the process for you.

Or, an incredibly curated gift-guide for the traveler in your life!


I put together this shopping guide filled with travel accessories that are as smart as they are handy! Let the items ahead cover your complete winter wanderlust prep-list from the perfect travel-pillow, TSA-approved beauty to reusable straws, transitional clothes, warm blankets, stylish luggage, and much more!


I know everyone has their favorites when it comes to travel essentials but the ones on this list are tried and true! Even the savviest traveler will appreciate these items!

The Traveler's Gift Guide
Neck Pillow
I still have yet to figure out why it's not "socially acceptable" to lay your head on a stranger's shoulder and take a quick cat nap on flights. A little drool never hurt anybody. Truth? I vomited in my mouth a little as I wrote those words. DON'T BE THIS PERSON! Be the person who has boundries. And a neck pillow. Even if you're still working on your boundry issues, definitely get the neck pillow. I tried a ton and this one is the bees knees (are people still saying this?) New and improved from it's original creation, this one is adjustable and can be placed anywhere around your neck to give your head the proper support it needs if you didn't pay $17,000 to upgrade your seats to the ones that lay down on your 26 hour flight. Believe me, the traveler in your life will thank you!
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Soft Travel Blanket
Sure, airline blankets are fine but do they fold up into a pillow? Can you take them with you? (I'm not sure on this point) but one thing I can tell you is that the traveler in your life will love the thoughtfulness of this gift! It's soft, compact, and will keep your traveler warm on those 10 hr flights!
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Portable Travel Pill Case
One way to never forget those pills and vitamins you should probably be taking daily is to store them with other things you routinely grab for. So in this little case, I've got migraine medicine, digestive enzymes, chewable vitamin C, gum, Benadryl, name it and I've probably got it stashed here somewhere. Plus it folds up small, has compartments on both sides, and will keep your favorite traveler medicated.
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Portable Computer Charger
Listen, I basically think everything Apple does is gold. I’m a certified Appleaholic. However. Can we talk about the size of their laptop chargers?! I take my laptop everywhere for business, but if I need to take my charger too I practically need a duffel bag to haul it. This thing is genius! It’s a teeny little laptop charging block! Super compact, and will charge your MacBook for hours. It's also perfect for the traveler with very little room - this thing can be stashed anywhere!
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3D Sleep Mask
I do a lot of traveling and not a lot of sleeping, so if I can snag a few minutes of shut eye on a plane I absolutely take it! These 3D sleep masks are the best I've found! They provide complete darkness, are lightweight and comfy, have an ingenious shape to them to keep makeup intact, and ridiculously cheap! They also come with a great little carrying bag and ear plugs. A perfect little pack for sleeping on-the-go success!
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Crossbody Bag
MZ Wallace
There is nothing better for the traveler than a crossbody bag. I love a good backpack but they are so bulky and make sitting down impossible. So, the cross body is really the best thing! These from MZ Wallace are chic enough to carry around Paris and sturdy enough to take you through the villages of Thailand. It will be your traveler's favorite accessory.
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Hip Bag
Every traveler, nay, woman should have a proper hip bag, fanny pack, bum bag - whatever you want to call them. They're inexpensive (less than $25) and can be carried cross body or as intended, across the hips to keep you hands-free (a must for the busy traveler).
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Yoga Pants
Dupe there it is, dupe there it is! I love me some Lululemon Align pants - if you haven't tried them, they're basically about as close as you can get to feeling nude, without actually flashing your kibbles and bits. I love them! But I don't super love their price tag. These pants are the closest thing I've ever found to them. They're not an exact replica but for a fraction of the price, I'll take it! These are slightly more "huggy" then the Lulus but I kind of love that about them! They're perfect for long travel days and act as compression pants so your after-flight-swelling doesn't get out of hand!
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Relax Wireless Bra
I wouldn't say this is a date night bra, unless your man is a Golden Girls kind of guy, but this (not so) sexy thang is the ultimate in comfort! It's like going topless, but without all the indecent exposure charges. That's why when I travel, this is the first thing on my body. The consummate traveler will appreciate the absence of constant tugging and pulling and pinching that comes with wearing a normal bra.
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Reusable Water Bottle
Hydro Flask
Does this one even need an introduction? The Hydro Flask is the only water bottle you'll ever want or need - keeps water cold for 24 hours and hot for 6! I literally don't leave home without it - it's like my adult security blanket. Available in every color on Earth and in several sizes too! And I love that it's so sturdy - it makes it super useful and handy for travel!
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Compression Socks
You could wear these to bed if your partner is into the fully-clothed look but these babies will absolutely be a hit with the traveler in your life. Compression socks help keep the blood flowing while reducing discomfort and swelling during flights. This pair is for men and women, and they're as comfy as your most casual attire with the super-sock ability to pass as dressy - just kidding - these aren't dressy.
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Silicon Flat Iron/Curling Iron Silicon Sleeve
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Petite Tweezer Travel Set
It's when I'm on vacation that the single black hair on my chin decides to make an appearance! Or my eyebrows get out of control - either way, I love this travel set of my favorite tweezers. It keeps my normal set where they should be - in my bathroom - and always come in handy to remove splinters, pimple pop, pull errant hairs, and pick up things that are questionable!
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Portable Mini Refillable Perfume Case
These are the coolest little things! Pour your favorite perfume in these to keep in your purse or use ‘em for travel! These have been so dang handy. Then you can keep your normal-size perfumes at home and don't run the risk of spilling them all over your luggage.
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First Aid Travel Kit
Cost Plus
Travel prepared for anything — splinters, scraped knees, and stray hairs included. This kit covers all the boo-boo bases with an assortment of band-aids, mini scissors, and cotton swabs, all packaged conveniently together inside a compact case.
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Smoking Slippers
Whether you're on an overnight flight or around a foreign hotel room, having a pair of plush but durable slipper-shoes to keep your in-transit feet safe and comfort is key. Slip these on over your compression socks and kick back!
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Landon Duffle
Dagne Dover
Every girl wants to be stylish when they travel. And this is the ultimate overnight bag! It's adorable, totally functional, and one of my favorites! It's super simple to keep clean and will hold your computer, water bottle, pens, extra clothing, jewelry - you name it and you can probably fit it in this bag!
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2 Pack Telescopic Metal Straws – Reusable, Portable, Collapsible Stainless Steel Drinking Straws
I bought one of these just so I don't have to use paper straws ever again. I get it, we're saving the environment. And I love that we're doing that. But there has to be something better than PAPER STRAWS! They are the absolute worst. They go soggy fast and make it so awful to try and get any normal amount of liquid out of your drink. Enter in this reusable straw. Collapses small enough to fit on your keychain and save you from every paper straw that dares cross your path! I also have found these super useful while I'm traveling in other countries!
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Hanging Travel Kit
A lot of times when I'm traveling there is no space. Counter space is limited, surfaces are often dirty or wet, and being able to hang my toiletry kit is a must! It keeps everything high and dry, organized and put away, and carries everything I need on the road.
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Protective Silicon Boot
Hydro Flask
Remember that water bottle you're now going to be toting everywhere now that you are traveling a bunch? You're gonna want one of these protective sleeves. It will keep your bottle from being dinged when it bumps against things and lower the noise level as well!
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Packing Cubes
Fire, the wheel, electricity, packing cubes. Who can really say which is the most important, revolutionary product of our time? I really can't believe I ever packed a bag without these. No more messy, chaotic suitcases, no more dirty clothes mixed with the clean on the trip home, these things are amazing!
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Clear Pouches
As much as I love TSA violating the contents of my purse when I travel, these see through pouches have changed the game for flying! Travel size everything fits right inside each pouch so they can quickly pass through security (even internationally!) without issue! No more holding up the line to prove your hand lotion is explosive-free!
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