Sock Trends with Bombas

Partnership with Bombas

Is it just me or have socks become a large part of styling an outfit? I feel like there are so many trends that involve socks and I’m here to fit the part! Bombas has so many style options and colors to choose from. Have you tried their socks yet? They’re amazing! Did you know they also give a pair of socks to those in need when you purchase one? SO COOL.

I’ve styled a few outfits with what socks I would wear with them!

Marl Calf Socks

It’s always nice to have a pair of thick socks laying around. I’m definitely going to be wearing these hiking the Grand Canyon this summer.. if I can convince my family to do it again haha.

Sheer Stipe Quarter Sock

The website description said it perfectly.. “Sometimes you just want a lighter, breezier sock you can dress up or down. With these lightweights, you get exactly that: airy fabric, streamlined cushioning designed to feel barely there under your shoes, and an elegant feedstripe design that goes anywhere, with anything.” Couldn’t have said it better myself! I don’t know about you, but my feet get HOT in boots so these lightweight ones are great. However, I’m hoping I won’t be pulling boots out again until October!

Light-Weight No Show Socks

You’ve probably heard all the rage about Bombas no show socks… well I’m here to tell you, THEY ARE WORTH THE HYPE. No slip-age off the heel (that is literally such a pain in the butt when it happens). Plus, you can’t see them tennis shoes on. These ones are lightweight and breathable, perfect for the summer months, but they also have cushioned ones if those are more your jam.

Ankle Socks

I’m not much of an ankle sock wearer, but don’t love to wear no show socks with my high top shoes, it just isn’t as comfortable. These ones work perfectly. You can’t see them sticking out the top, they will definitely be on repeat.

Ankle Socks

If you are wondering what the ankle socks look like with tennis shoes, here ya go! Super subtle and honestly, I’d wear these out and about sticking out the top of my tennis shoes. They hit at such a great spot and have I mentioned how dang comfy they are? haha

Not only does Bombas have socks for all of your needs, but they have them for the entire fam! Plus, you can get them in packs, which is a great way to stock up.


Not all sock brands are created equal.. a lot don’t have toddler or baby socks! Well, have no fear because Bombas does!