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Watching the snow disappear and warmer weather appear has been a welcome sight in our home the past week or two! We aren’t a skiing or snowboarding type of family so winters are long and cold for us.

But seeing the trees in my yard start to bud and it being warm enough outside for the kids to play is a bonus. They live for the outdoors and even Emery and her cousin were outside slip-n-sliding when it was like 57 degrees! Crazy!

But warmer weather means transitioning our house from winter hibernation to spring and summer! Packing away cold-weather gear and breaking out spring clothing.

And it also means spring cleaning!


I’ve been on the hunt for the best cleaners and I’ve already switched over my dishwashing detergent as well as my laundry soap. But I really wanted some good surface cleaners, something to rid my stainless steel of fingerprints and help clean other areas that the kids can do.

As my kids get older and help out more, it’s also really important to me to have non-toxic products for them to use. I don’t claim to be an expert but as consumers, I think we get a little bit smarter every day about the products we bring in our home. And it isn’t a ton of effort to switch from something that may affect my kid’s health long-term to something like vinegar and water!

The Grove Collaborative

I’ve actually belonged to Grove for quite some time but I wanted to tell you about the products I’ve switched to. They’re still getting the job done, but they’re much more kid and environmentally friendly. And, they’re delivered to my home like clockwork so I don’t have to worry about running out. Here are some of my favorites:


Drinking fountains and surfaces gross me out. They’ve got to be clean but I hate washing washcloths and throwing out an entire roll of paper towels. (this is what happens when you have kids helping you clean) And I know that I don’t want them spraying bleach or anything else as harsh. Plus, I don’t want the residue of that leaching into my water or my food!

I’ve cleaned with vinegar for years and even wrote a blog post on the best way to clean your in-home drinking fountain. I recently discover this vinegar no-rinse gel and I’m a total convert. It’s a naturally thickened vinegar with this lovely lemon verbena fragrance that cleans stainless steel to a bright (no fingerprints) shiny polish without needing to rinse. It’s also awesome for cleaning countertops, the refrigerator, handles, knobs, and all those other things you’d tackle with vinegar.

Vinegar is about 5 percent acetic acid. It’s the acid that kills bacteria and viruses. And it chemically changes the proteins and fats that make up these nasties and destroys their cell structures. It’s what makes vinegar such an awesome disinfectant! I wipe this all around my drinking fountain with a sponge and don’t worry about wiping up!


Disinfectants VS Surface Cleaners

For areas that don’t require disinfecting, I stick to cleaners even more mild than vinegar! Rather than concentrating on disinfecting surfaces or exterminating all those nasty bugs, I focus on cleaning with an all-purpose surface cleaner. A good cleaner and old-fashioned elbow grease is the trick to cleaning effectively.

For this, I love to use Grove’s Cleaning Concentrates: All Purpose Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, and Tub & Tile Cleaner.

Just Add Water

Using these gels with the glass reusable spray bottles helps me again to cut down on waste and keeps my cleaner clearly labeled. And it’s so simple to use! Simply squirt the gel into the bottle, add water, and you’re ready to kill nasties! You can buy this set as a trio or individually. If you love them and want to clean up some of your other cleaners, they have a really fantastic floor cleaner that I love as well. It’s safe for use on all hard floors, including finished wood.

I keep these babies tucked away under my sink for easy access! Anytime I’m running low, I come to the sink and squirt some soap in and fill the bottle back up with water!

The Smell of Clean

The other thing that using these products has really helped with is the chemical smell from most cleaning products. Most of the Grove products are made with essential oils and leave the most amazing smell behind! I love walking into my home and the fresh smell of lemons!

I also really love the Caldrae linen and room sprays. They smell sooooo good and do such a better job than your typical smell-masker. These actually deodorize and leave everything smelling so yummy. They come in 6 or 7 different scents and can be used on furniture, carpet, and bedding.

With two dogs running around our house, it can be difficult for things to smell fresh!




• • •

Cleaning Made Easy

Getting your cleaning products through Grove is so simple. Grove Collaborative is a customizable auto-shipment service that delivers all-natural home, beauty, and personal care products directly to your door. Every product they sell is backed by the Grove standard, which means that it’s healthy, effective, eco-friendly, and affordable. I love that I can shop worry-free knowing everything I buy from them is good for me, my family, my home, and the planet.

After your first Grove order they’ll set you up with personalized, scheduled Grove shipments, so you’ll never run out of the products you love. By default orders come every month, but you can edit the frequency of when products ship to you via your product subscriptions.

It’s 100% customizable and FREE! You only pay for the products you buy, and shipping is a flat rate of $2.99 no matter how big your order is.

Even if pesky fingerprints are your worst enemy, they have something for everything! I love this Real Simple stainless steel cleaner. I love the industrial look of stainless steel in a kitchen. But the industrial-style chemicals used to keep it clean are so awful! This kit helps you tackle greasy smudges and persistent fingertips.

And it cleans, polishes, and helps protect stainless steel surfaces without streaking! It also comes with 2 all-purpose microfiber cloths so you’re not soaking your way through an entire roll of paper towels.

Gift With Purchase

So if you’re ready to tackle your spring cleaning, you might want to check out Grove! Every new customer who makes a $20 first order will receive a Spring bundle (worth over $30) for FREE. The Spring bundle includes:

  • Mrs. Meyer’s Spring hand soap
  • Mrs. Meyer’s Spring dish soap
  • Mrs. Meyer’s Spring multi-surface spray
  • Grove bubble-up
  • Grove walnut scrubber sponges

It’s the perfect bundle to help kick your spring cleaning into high gear!

Happy Spring!

Xx Tara

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