Top Links: March

I get so many questions every day about something I posted on Instagram or Facebook! So, I’m starting a monthly series where I list all of YOUR favorite links.

Miss a link? Check back here at the first of every month for a rundown of the links you loved, the links you lost, and maybe, something you didn’t know you needed.

And as always, these are Tara Tested & Approved!

Lipsticks I love

I shared a bunch this month but the winners are pretty clear. In fact, I get daily DM’s every single day about the Lulu dupes I posted! But you guys completely sold them out!

I also posted about my 5 favorite lip products that I have on rotation – you guys have loved these as much as I have so make sure you click the link to check them out!

Pancake Makeover

This is the pancake batter dispenser/mixer that I get asked about every time we make pancakes. You guys bought almost 300 of these in March! I’m just doing my part to change morning breakfast, one useful gadget at a time! I also did a blog post about our full routine and you can check out the rest of my gadgets! Can’t forget these pajamas – you guys have sold them out more than once!


• • •

No MOre cOrd Chaos

I’ve been continuing the home tour and the latest stop was my master bedroom! These clips that we keep on the back of our dressers have been one of my most popular hacks! They keep our charging cords right where we need them and then they fall back to the edge of the dresser during the day. Out of sight and completely organized. They come in white and black and hide on the back of whatever you put them on.

HAir Tamer

I hesitated to share my blog post on all of my hair tools because I didn’t want you guys to get overwhelmed and think you have to have everything! But you guys LOVED it! And while not technically something I shared in March, it’s been one of the top links this month! This brush that dries at the same time is heaven sent – you seriously need one in your life.

Ok, so now that I’ve got the big ones out of the way, check out the other top links from March that you guys loved!

Birkenstock Dupe
I have these in so many colors - the real ones and the dupes and you can't even tell the difference between the two! They're waterproof, fun summer sandals that I practically live in. If you can't find them at Target - check Walmart and Khols - I've heard good things about both!
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Lulu 4" Speed Up Dupe
CRZ Yoga
These are basically the same short! I love these for working out, wearing over a swimsuit, and they're perfect for the beach or summertime. They come in 5 different colors and you can get them with the biker shorts underneath as well!
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Lulu Align Jogger Dupe
CRZ Yoga
I think I own these in every color. These are the exact same material as the Lulu jogger and they're super comfy. These sell out fast so make sure you check back often.
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Apple Watch Gold Milanese Band
The best kind of Apple watch band is the one that doesn't look like an Apple watch band. I love me some good techy products, but I don't love looking like I have a calculator strapped to my wrist. This pretty gold band totally transforms the look of my watch! The gold is so pretty, and the magnetic clasp makes putting it on so easy. The price is right too!
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Silicone Stackable Rings
here are two occasions in which wearing a wedding ring seems to be an absolute necessity. 1. Your wedding day 2. At the gym. Why is the gym such a cat call breeding ground?! Make it stop. Ironically the one place I HATE wearing my ring is the gym! These fun, stackable silicone rings are the best for working out, working in the yard, travel, or pretty much anytime ya just don't want to risk damaging or losing your ring. For $12 you get 8 rings in different colors!
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Leopard Mesh Tote
Is there anything worse than digging around in your beach/pool bag to find a chapstick only to have your hand covered in sand that's been there since 2010? I don't think so. This is the beach bag of all beach bags.. tons of pockets to keep small things organized, sand falls right through the mesh, holds 3-4 towels, it packs up super small to fit in a suitcase, and comes in multiple color options! Oh and best of all...? It's less than $10!
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Slim Jogger Pants
These aren't the Lulu dupes but I loved these joggers long before I stumbled across the others and I'll love them long after. They are some of my tried and true and you see me in these often!
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Self-Tanning Drops
The great tanning drop debate of 2019 has finally come to a close and the results are in... I love 'em! I tried these a little bit ago as a comparison to some more expensive drops with the same premise and I have to say, I'm impressed! You add these drops to your favorite moisturizer and apply nightly for a gradual tan. I was a little nervous about the color because tans are tricky business, but the color was spot on! A good, natural looking tan. And at $10 you really can't beat the price! Start using them now to build the perfect tan for your spring break trips!
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Vintage Moroccan Trellis Area Rug
Who says moms can't live dangerously?! I've got a white rug with 4 kids + 2 dogs! Show me something riskier than that! I love this rug so much, it goes with tons of different decor styles, is surprisingly easy to clean, and has such a fun pattern. All the reviews rave about how stain-free it remains even after spills and puppy accidents, and I couldn't agree more! It's held up so well with all the crazy in our home. If you're not a thrill seeker like me though, don't worry it comes in a few different non-white colors too!
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Hydrating Day & Night Cream
I'm not saying I'm a skincare snob, but I'm kind of a skincare snob. This stuff is truly the best there is and when it comes to your face, only the best will do! Tula knows how obsessed I am and is offering all my friends 20% off with the code tarat20 at checkout! Over 200 of you purchased this in March and it just got restocked!
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LCD Writing Tablet
What's this? Another quiet activity for my children? Yes, please! Between church, traveling, and honestly just everyday life, you can never have enough easy to store, no mess, toys and activities! This is one of our favorites. All four of our kids get a kick out of playing with it and it's a great learning tool for our littles. If you haven't seen these before, it's an LCD writing tablet that allows you to draw, write, and get creative - it's basically like a piece of paper that you can re-use time and time again! These would be great in Easter baskets!
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Wireless Waterpik
Remember when you were a kid and the dentist would ask if you brush + flossed regularly and then they would give you that magic rinse that would make your grimy, unflossed mouth light up like a dang Christmas tree?? I mean, that never happened to me, but I've heard about it ;). Where was this water flosser to save the day when I was a kid?! Guys, I'm kind of addicted to this thing! It makes your teeth feel so clean and fresh, gets out all the gunky junk (even if you're a great brusher!) and even whitens teeth! At less than $50 you can't beat the price for this one either.
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Racerback Sportsbra
Your bank account just called, they want all the money you've been lighting on fire buying pricey sports bras back. Guys, these bad boys are the real deal. They hold your money maker's in place just as well as an expensive Lululemon bra, come equipped with removable padding, and are priced at a whopping $6! You're welcome.
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Sleep Mask
I once found myself in a post-apocalyptic world, traveling with two young children in a boat, down a river, while blindfolded in order to save our lives. This is the life-saving eye mask I wore that provided utter darkness and kept me alive. Wait, that was Sandra Bullock in "Bird Box" and her eye mask was definitely not this good. If only! I do a lot of traveling and not a lot of sleeping, so if I can snag a few minutes of shut-eye on a plane I absolutely take it! These 3D sleep masks are the best I've found! They provide complete darkness, are lightweight and comfy, have an ingenious shape to them to keep makeup intact, and ridiculously cheap! They also come with a great little carrying bag and ear plugs. A perfect little package for sleeping on-the-go success!
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Water Ball
A skipping ball, because it's 2019 and skipping a rock is so 1919. This thing is so dang fun! Throw it in your pool, into the ocean at the beach, or at the lake and watch it come back to you! It's like a baby boomerang ball that skips. Basically, the greatest invention ever. Only $12 and a super fun gift too!
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Makeup Tote
Sonia Kashuk
Never judge a book by its cover. However, judging a makeup/toiletry/travel bag by its cover is completely acceptable... especially when it's this pretty. We know I'm a sucker for anything that keeps life orderly & organized and this target makeup bag is no exception. It's got massive pockets that manage to fit all my must-haves for trips and is made with wipeable, spot clean fabric which is great for those unavoidable travel makeup mishaps.
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On-The-Go Wipes Dispenser
I honestly don't understand the parent that stops carrying wipes the moment they no longer have a child in diapers. Do their kids no longer make messes? Spill juice? Melt chocolate on their hands? Who are these children - aliens? I am not the parent of those types of children. So I carry wipes. And I carry them in this tote because it keeps 'em fresh, moist, and safe from grabby hands.
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Soft Silicone Boot for Hydro Flask
Hydro Flask
I've talked about my Hydro Flasks nonstop but I failed to mention this bad boy until last week and you guys literally bought them all. We all love our flasks but they bang around...a LOT! This little silicone sleeve is going to save you the bumps, bruises, and dents that come when you drop this thing and totally eliminate the big BANG every time you hit it against something.
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Insulated Lid and Straw for Tumbler
Hydro Flask
In a recent clinical trial, it was determined drinks are 86% more satisfying when sucked from a straw. This clinical trial was conducted by me. Only me. And the results are accurate. Slap this lid on my favorite tumbler size Hydroflask for the ultimate cold drink experience! Another one of my "can't live without it" faves!
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Airism Ultra Seamless Bikini Underwear
There are two types of people in this world: those who enjoy dental floss in their butt, and those who do not. I do not. What I DO enjoy is seamless comfy underwear that is no-show in even my most form-fitting active wear. Because who really wants to exercise with a piece of fabric in between their cheeks? Not I. While not the sexiest chonies on planet Earth, they very well might be the comfiest! You'll barely remember you have them on! Second best thing to going commando.
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