Gluten Free Pancakes & Waffles

Pancakes on a Saturday morning are ritualistic – and sooo good. I mean, there are Saturday mornings and then there are Pancake Saturday mornings, you know?

Now, we don’t discriminate. We make crepes and Dutch pancakes, but gluten-free pancakes and waffles are the star of the show!

When we designed our kitchen, we knew we wanted a large space with an awesome dining area where we could gather as a family. Aside from the large island, our kitchen is completely open.

The other thing I love about this kitchen is our range! It’s a  48″ Wolf Gas Range – 4 Burners and Infrared Dual Griddle that makes pancakes a breeze!

I also love this griddle for that same reason! Its handles are removable so you can fully submerge this thing in water for easy cleaning! Plus, it easily fits in standard 18″ kitchen cabinets when you’re done. For $37 bucks, it can’t be beaten and easily fits 6-8 pancakes!


• • •


The other thing I love about these mornings is that it allows the kids to build their “kitchen confidence”. That may sound silly, but I feel that being confident in the kitchen is so important. One day these kids are going to earn their place at a good college (because I can’t buy their way in apparently 😂). So they’re on their own!


• • •

That means having to cook and fend for themselves. Having good cooking skills will hopefully keep fast food and delivery to a minimum.

A mom can hope, right?

Pancake Essentials

If you plan on venturing into the gluten-free (or any other kind) pancake world, there are 2 things you need to make your morning perfect:

•     Batter: Want to know my secret to perfect gluten-free pancakes every time? Pamela’s Baking & Pancake mix!  I’ll 5 times the recipe and use it for two days 😉 Pamela’s becomes everyone’s favorite once they try it. Even my nanny said yesterday, “I wasn’t ever a pancake person until I had these…”! Total win!

•      Batter Bottle: I can’t tell you how much I love this bottle. It’s got a tiny whisk on the inside so everything is mixed up in the bottle – no mess. And, it’s easy to use! Simply squeeze and pour out your desired batter amount. When you’ve got enough, stop squeezing and the batter is magically sucked back into the bottle! No dripping, no mess!

•     Cutter: Every kid wants me to cut their pancakes. By the time I’m done, my pancakes are cold and everyone is done. If you’re like me, you need this dual cutter! It easily cuts your pancakes up in just a few swipes!

As for toppings, we are basic – either straight sugar (I know, hold the judgment) or syrup!

See? These things don’t last. They get gobbled up in a matter of minutes!

As for waffles, we’ll use Pamela’s as well or the gluten-free Kodiak Cakes FlapJack & Baking Mix. It’s a little too thick for pancakes but for waffles, it’s awesome!

And when it comes to toppings, we do things a little bit differently!

Our go-to is sour cream or original flavored Greek yogurt plus jam. Weird? Maybe.

Totally delicious?


If you’re not ready to go crazy, you should at least try this coconut syrup. It’s super yummy and a great compliment to pancakes or waffles!

I hope this little peak into our weekends will help you make the most of yours!

Xx Tara

P.S. Do you have weekend breakfast traditions you love? Tell me below!




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