Spring Decor – 2023

Wishing for warmer weather over here… Found some really cute decor items to spruce up our house!

Faux Mum Flower – I love having greenery and flowers in vases, but sometimes it can look really fake. These are super pretty! Linked here and here is some other greenery that would be really pretty with this!

Frame – I grabbed this for the basement shelves! Love the texture. Linked everything I got for the basement shelves HERE.

White Box Set – I also grabbed these boxes. I separated them and they look really good.

Gold Bowl – Okay, this is gorgeous. I love the little round legs on it.

Mirror – Such a timeless piece of decor!

Round Statue – Another one I grabbed for the basement, it’s a little funky looking.. but looks great for shelves!

Persian Rug – Love the color of this one!

Wood Bunny – I’m not big on decorating for Easter, but this cute little bunny might change my mind.

Woven Door Mat – After a long winter, our doormats are BEAT. This one is cute to switch ours out with! I like this one and this one too!

Throw Lumbar Pillow – I’m a neutral loving gal, but this is the perfect shade of pink that would go great in my house.

Olive Leaf Arrangement + White Vase – This is BIG. Perfect for a counter or dining table. The best part is the greenery comes inside the vase!

Small Carved Vase – Grabbed this one for the shelves. Just need to add some greenery. It’s a great size.

Modern Teak Wood Sculpture – Another one that has zero purpose, but to look cool on a shelf haha.

Faux Tree – If you have a big space in your home that needs a little something to fill it, faux trees are perfect. Put this one in a pot to customize it a little bit more.

Flower Patch Picture – I may need to buy this so that I can remind myself that spring will eventually come.. even if there’s 4 inches of snow on the ground! haha

Woven Bunny – Another simple Easter decor item! They also have one in a sitting position if you want two.

Plaid Rug – Okay, loveeeee this rug. It would actually go well in basement! Studio McGee always nails it.

Throw Pillow – I feel like throw pillows can change the way an entire room looks. Spruce up a space with 3-4 pillows and boom. Whole new room. I really like this one too!

Wild Lilac + Vase – Another twofer of greenery and a vase.

Faux Leather Bin – This is so cute and versatile! I call these blanket baskets, but they can be used for so many things.