Spring Refresh + Strawberry Butter Recipe

Partnership with The Home Depot + Collective Voice

Anyone else get really excited over containers? haha I recently updated a few of my kitchen pieces with The Home Depot and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Nothing makes you feel more like an adult then getting pumped over these types of things. Scroll down to find The Food Nanny strawberry butter recipe I make on a weekly basis! The Home Depot has some really awesome deals going on to help you refresh your space this Spring! Save up to 25% off select home decor, small kitchen appliances, and kitchen + dining furniture.

Rattan Basket

I grabbed a this cute rattan basket to hold fruit in our kitchen upstairs. Love that it’s black and that I can present fruit in a cute way instead of it being either all over the counter or thrown in the corner.

Glass Bakeware

I also grabbed a new set of glass bakeware because ours are from our wedding and have bright blue and red lids. Soooo happy to have ones that all finally match. Have you ever used these? They are AWESOME. Bake with them, and then throw the lid on to store the leftovers. So convenient.

Tray | 7-Piece Baking Set

This tray is what I am probably most excited about. We eat in the basement A LOT, especially in the summer, so I’m always having to tote food downstairs. The tray is massive so I’ll be able to hold a ton of stuff. Plus, it will work great in the summer as a s’mores tray! The details on it are so pretty with the circle shells inlayed in it. The white baking set is going down to St. George because we are still stocking up the kitchen down there. They are such a simple, pretty design and comes with 7 pieces!

Cordless Hand Mixer | Bakeware

Did you guys know that cordless hand mixers exist?! I was so excited when I found out. It’s the little things ya know? I used this to whip up the strawberry butter from The Food Nanny. She invited me to her house a few months back and made it for us, since then we make it at least once a week and it’s the best on fresh bread… I’m drooling just thinking about it. Such an easy recipe too!

I love that The Home Depot is a one stop shop for decor, furniture, and kitchen items! They have everything I need to renew my home just in time for spring.

Here are some awesome furniture and decor items I found!