Staying Cozy though Winter

Partnership with Backcountry + Shopstyle Collective

Do you ever wish we could have snow while it is also 80 degrees out?? It’s beautiful, the boys love it, but I’m already over the cold. Pennie, Goldie + I would like to warm year-round, please… Pennie tolerates it, but Goldie? It’s a no from her. Basically, everyone has told me I should take up skiing or snowboarding. That’s not really my thing, but I did spend a lot of time on Backcountry browsing through skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing gear wondering if it really would make winter more enjoyable… instead I ordered some warm winter cozies. Are you surprised?? haha!

Pullover | Joggers | Slippers

You guys have seen me talk about Varley a bunch now, and I was so excited when I saw they were on backcountry and I could offer you guys a bit of a discount on them! I grabbed this Varley Bailey Half-Zip and the quality is as amazing as the other Varley items I’ve shared. The pattern is so dang cute AND they added an even cuter Rose Speckle Bailey Half-Zip color that is the same print but muted pinks and purples!! I’ll share the colors up close below so you can get a feel for texture too..

I love both color ways so much! It’s hard to pick just one.. but my discount code TARABC15 works on your first order with very little exclusions! 🙂 Here’s some other cute Varley items available on backcountry, or click HERE to view everything!

Pullover | Joggers | Slippers

Pennie really wanted in on the photo action.. she gets a little stressed when I’m gone and I took these shortly after arriving home from Vegas ha! These joggers are made by Beyond Yoga. I’ve shared their brand with you before because I really love their tanks! Also, their leggings, biker shorts, bras… haha. The list goes on and on. Anyway, these joggers are awesome. The top panel is the exact same fit as their leggings. It’s a mid-rise, so they hug ya in, in all the right places. This is the heather black color, they also come in gray and smoke colors. I’ll link a bunch of Beyond Yoga stuff available on Backcountry for you below! Don’t forget my code TARABC15 gives you 15% off for any first-time, full priced order with minimal exclusions!

Pullover | Joggers | Slippers

Warm toes. It’s a must. Anyone else turn completely miserable if there feet are freezing?? We don’t wear shoes in our house.. so getting comfy shoes/slides/slippers are a must. This summer I found the comfiest slides for the house, but I didn’t really have a good full coverage slipper. Most have open backs or open toes and I just wanted something that covered my whole foot! These Teva ReEmber Fleece Moc Slippers are it. The heel is flimsy, so they slip on and off really easily and they are pretty plush and not stiff at all. I love that they have a full sole, so if a kid were to track in snow, spill a drink, banana peel, not clean up from the water fountain mess they made, a dog pee, etc… I’m not slipping or ruining my slippers. They come in 4 colors, I’m wearing sand dune. I’ll share the others below with a couple of angles so you can see the whole thing:

Cute, right?! If you aren’t into fleece, they have non-fleece versions… I just prefer them for the extra warmth. I’ll share the others below, they even have them for kids.

One last thing I swear is a need is THIS hood for winter. It’ll keep you SO cozy warm!!

For me, there’s not a whole lot better than snuggling up with these girls during the winter.. BUT if I was an outdoor snow adventurer I would be shopping through backcountry for sure. They have a huge selection of winter sports gear, I’ll link the sections below! PS. They have something for nearly every single age in all of these categories.

SKI (all types!)



If you’re looking for winter gear for adults, teens or kids — all of our favorites are in these two blog posts with pics!

Cool Weather Clothing

Winter Clothing

If you choose to shop Backcountry, don’t forget my code will will provide 15% off for your first purchase with limited exclusions: TARABC15.. It’ll definitely help on lowering the cost to deck out yourself or your family in some of the warmest winter gear! If you’re not an avid outdoorist but are looking to become one, Backcountry’s knowledgeable gear heads are available around the clock to help you with any questions you may have, or to make suggestions!