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Shopping now, more than ever, feels like a luxury. But I’m looking at it through an optimistic lens. Purchasing a useful item, no matter how big and pricey or small and cheap, can help us feel grounded when life gets rocky. And in honor of making it through one unusually shaky month, I’ve rounded up all of your purchasing data for the month of March and am bringing you the top items that made your life a little bit better!

And don’t worry, it’s not all rubbing alcohol, bleach, and face-masks. Your most wanted items last month told a far better story of creativity, sustainability, self-care, and beyond. And I love that we love the same things. It makes all this social-distancing feel not so lonely knowing that right now, you too might be cuddled in your favorite Barefoot Dreams blanket, slathered in Isle of Paradise tanning butter, and getting a much-needed heated eye massage.


1) Looks like we’re all going to be the best version of ourselves now that we’re all slathered in tanning lotion! They finally restocked them (after you guys cleaned them out!). New customers can still get $10 off with code FRIENDS and second-time customers can still get $10 off with code HELLO10. This brings the duo to $39.50!! All shades are still available, but they are selling fast.

2) These shorts were a HUGE hit with you guys and I’m excited for you to get them! They are modest and they’re distressed in a cute way. And they come in standard and + sizes! I’m wearing a size 0 and they’ve got good stretch to them!


3) I’m not surprised that Billie made the list again this month. It’s honestly the best $9 I’ve spent in a long time. You choose your color, the frequency of your replacement blades, and they have a bunch of fun add-ons. I have been testing their dry shampoo and the verdict is still out but one thing I’m a HUGE fan of is their Wonder Wipes! The texture is fantastic, and come loaded with hyaluronic acid and a vitamin C serum!


• • •

4) This swimsuit was supposed to be mine…but when you have daughters, they get to an age where they fit into your clothing. And then it’s GAME OVER! But I can’t be too mad. She looks great and she felt like a million bucks! This swimsuit’s straps are also removable if you’re more of a bandeau girl! + it’s 50% OFF making it under $25.

5) My PULLOVER is still one of the things you guys love the most! And it’s on SALE – 36% off! Snag this PATAGONIA GEM – they’re almost sold out!


• • •


6) You owe it to yourself and your chest mounds, to swaddle them in luxury. Very supportive luxury. And there are over 700 of you that agree! This bra is hand’s down the best bra in the biz for everyday wear! They call this bra the “bra-llelujah” bra because the heavens actually open up and sing when you put it on. It’s that comfortable. 

7) I bought these sandals on a whim last spring and I’m so glad they brought them back! + they have them in so many more colors and patterns this year. I love it when brands bring back best-sellers with different finishes, etc. It gives you a chance to buy what you love in a lot of different looks!

8) I did a big Target haul the other day and you guys loved these dresses! It comes in 8 different colors and if you plan to get one for yourself, size down! They are meant to fit oversize but I found that the XS was just a better fit for me. If you need a bit more room in the sleeve then I would go with your standard size.

9) The one thing that makes the biggest difference in my workouts is my shoes. And this month a ton of you were able to score them thanks to Adidas big sale! But I have good news: You can still get 15% off these shoes when you join the Adidas Creator program. It’s free and will make sure you get notified anytime they have a major sale!

10) This is the sweatshirt I’m living in for the rest of my life…or at least until the next great one comes along! I think I’ve purchased it in every color at this point and they even have a fun tie dye option now!


I think I’ve replaced my normal routines with playing every game we’ve ever purchased, snacking a LOT, and treating every day like I have no idea what’s going on. Because I have no idea what’s going on. Does anybody? Haha

One thing that has given me a bit of a break has been trying new things from Amazon and there were so many good things this month! In fact, 2 solid products came from Braun – he totally showed me up! And I am so impressed. Check out all of our Amazon purchases:

Clay beads my girls are totally loving! | Letter beads | Console divider made to fit your car | A mini phone tripod from my favorite manufacturer | Frother | The smallest and best hard drive | Sunglass organizer | Whisps new nacho and ranch flavor | New phone mounts for your car | Resistance bands for your at-home gym | Leather sandals | 5lb bag of my latest candy obsession | Big beads | Save the bees tee | My favorite pens

• • •


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Xx Tara





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One Comment

  1. Target shorts are amazing! Its so hard to find good shorts that you can wear garments with. THANK YOU for sharing.


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