Amazon Kitchen Faves

I have a strong love for Amazon… can you get better then 2 day shipping?! Here’s a few of my faves, some I’ve had for years others are more recent.

Knife Block for Drawers – This block fits into a drawer to keep those knives out of sight.

Kitchen Towel Clips – How many times has your towel, that’s usually hanging on the oven handle, been left on the ground? If it’s too many times to count, then these will be your best friend! Keeps the towel clipped right where you want it.

Pot Holders – Love that these just slip over your fingers!

Magnetic Measuring Spoons – They all connect together for easy storage! No annoying ring they go around.

Can Opener – I know what it looks like… but trust me! I was so sick of my manual can openers breaking and this one has been magic.

Kitchen Aid Slider Mat – A stand mixer is HEAVY. This helps to be able to maneuver it around the countertop easily.

Fridge Organizers – I can’t take credit for our drink organization, that’s all Braun. These spring loaded drink dispensers are awesome and I love clear bins to keep everything organized. You can also get ones the mimic a box the canned soda comes in.

Meat Chopper – I’ve shared this for so long, it’s one of my favorite kitchen gadgets ever. Saves so much time!

Paper Towel Holder – This is similar to the one we have and love. Our countertops are white, so I love the black marble contrast.

Dish Brush – Simple but highly effective!

Automatic Salt and Pepper Shakers – Okay, if you don’t have these it’s time to hop on board. I’m all about convenience and these are amazing.

Silicone Utensil Set – SILICONE IS THE WAY TO GO. Comes with a ton of stuff!

Air Fryer Silicone Liners – Is there anything worse then opening up your air fryer to a dirty, crispy mess from that last time you used it? These are amazing! Slap it in the air fryer, put your food in, when it’s done take the liner out and enjoy a nice clean air fryer.

Crepe Maker – Okay, this is expensive, but it’s lasted forever. Every time we make crepes I swear we are making them for 20 people and it’s miracle worker.

Silicone Reusable Bags – Don’t get me wrong there is a time and a place for Ziplocs, but we end up going through SO many. These are awesome because they are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Butter Crock – Have you ever seen one of these? You put water in the cup part and then butter in the lid, when you put the butter down in the bowl it creates a seal that keeps the butter fresh as can be.

Can Strainers – Whoever invented these was a GENIUS. Pop them over your can and drain the liquid out.

Waterproof Frother – Just ordered these and have been loving it! I mix my greens with it daily.

Rice Paddles – I use this for so many things! Scooping, scraping, as a spatula… Way better than the ones that come with the Instant Pot.

Tupperware – This is the set we use most often and love. Locks in freshness really well.

Grocery Bag Storage – We store a lot of our plastic grocery bags and this makes it so they aren’t all over the pantry. Love the size of it.

Dish Gloves – I feel like I can conquer any mess when wearing gloves haha. These are my fave.

Collapsible Colander – If you don’t have a lot of storage, these are great.

Water Bottle Organizer – Loving Stanley products comes with a price, not being able to store them all well! Haha. This makes it easy to put in a cabinet/ pantry.

Egg Holder – There are a lot of these on the market, but this one is my fave because it holds a ton and the eggs roll forward as you pull them out.

Milk Dispenser – Perfect for summertime when your kids are ALWAYS LOOKING FOR A SNACK OR DRINK… you twist this on to your milk or juice gallon and it dispenses straight from the jug without having to pour the bottle.

Viva Paper Towels – I have these on subscription, they’re more of a cloth like paper towel. Love them.

Chopper – I’ve had this for years. Chops all your fruits and veggies so fast.

Shark Wandvac – A saving grace for cleaning out cabinets and drawers. I tested a bunch of handheld vacuums and this one came out as the winner!

Scented Trash Bags – Ever wanted to have your trash smell good? Use these! They are ForceFlex so it can hold a lot AND smell divine.

Herb Scissors – Makes it easy to chop up fresh herbs.

Under Sink Mat – I don’t know why under the sink can get to dirty, but this makes it so it’s easy to clean, or if you have a leak problem your cabinets will be saved.

Counter Spray – My favorite for cleaning my counters. Lemon scent and so fresh.

Sink Squeegee – I have used this for years and love it! You’re able to scoop water and food down the drain with ease. I also use it if there’s a lot of water on my counter!