Amazon Purchases – August 2023

Here are my amazon buys from this month!

I am allll about convenience and Subscribe and Save has saved my butt more than once! I get all the essentials delivered to my door. Depending on what it is I set how often I want to get it delivered. Here’s a list of my subscribe and saves:

Liquid Death – Flavored water in a can may seem a bit weird, but this stuff tastes gooood.

Nobody told me how bad wet cat food smells! But cats gotta eat. 

Celsius Sparkling Peach Energy Drink – If you haven’t tried these, they are SO GOOD. 

Bird seed – I love having a little bird house suctioned to my window… so does Bruce. This winter they have been nonstop eating so bird seed is essential.

Pirate’s Booty – One of the kids’ favorite snacks. 

PetHonesty Digestive Probiotics – Getting real raw and honest with my amazon purchases. hah! Gotta help those pups poop!

The Busy Bone treats are on the subscribe list for Pennie and Goldie, a fan favorite for sure. 

Mentos Gum – A Thueson fam staple. 

Fiji Water – The best water, don’t try and change my mind!

Trash Bags – I used to forget these all the time. Not anymore! I love the scented ones too. 

Toilet Paper – Another staple haha. Charmin is our fave.

Paper Towels – If you haven’t tried these paper towels you are missing out! They are think and cloth like, I love them.

Okay I don’t love the pre-made protein drinks, but these Fairlife Core Power ones are GOOD. Taste just like chocolate milk and keep you full for so long.

Paper Plates – These are biodegradable so I don’t feel as bad using them! Easy clean up for the win. 

Anker Magnetic Charger – This is such a cool charger, just slap it to the back of your phone and go! Doesn’t work with a loopy case but should work with a mag safe one.

Tile Sticker – If you are worried about loosing something, these are awesome! We put them on bikes, throw them in your purse, or luggage. They connect to an app so if anything gets lost you’re able to find it.

Logitech Mouse – We recently got a new computer in the office and I wanted to upgrade the mouse. This is ergonomic and has some amazing features if you work on the computer a lot.

Leather Computer Pad – Love this for a clean, simple look. Helps things not slip around on the counter too.

Walkie Talkie – We did a lot of biking this month and these came in handy when we didn’t have service.

Bike Mount – I shared these on stories when we went bike riding – it connects to your bike and your phone has a case that clips in to the mount. It’s super sturdy too.

Slim Tile – Similar to the sticker – but this one is card sized to fit in your wallet.

Anker Lightning Charger – A lot of you scored these last month! They’re great for keeping your phone charged throughout the day or at an event. I originally bought mine for the Taylor Swift concert, but keep it in my purse now just in case.

Bed Frame – Emery upgraded from a twin to a full size bed and this is the frame she chose.

Library Card To Do List – There are two things that I’m a sucker for, to do lists and pill cases. How cute is this old school library card look?

Holographic Storage Bags – Great if you are needing to pack treats for a team or hike. Resealable too!

Quest Protein Chips – Originally bought these at a gas station and had to go order more flavors. Super yummy and high in protein!

Flypunch – We had some fruit get left out in our basement kitchen and the fruit flies were crazy. This got rid of them so dang fast! Love that it has a lid to you can store it away until you need it again.

I offered to decorate the girls’ lockers for cheer.. I didn’t realize how much of an undertaking it would be until I was peeling vinyl for SEVEN hours. Here’s what I got to decorate:


White Vinyl + Contact Paper

Zip Ties

OXO Canisters – Love that these have a scoop that slides onto the lid and are air tight to keep things fresh!

GF Birthday Cake Granola – Tried this granola for the first time and really liked it!

Folex – I use this for so many things! It’s the best stain remover for furniture, clothes, and shoes.

Packing Tape – If you saw how many returns I do, this purchase makes a lot of sense. haha

Litter – This is one of my favorite litters for the cats, doesn’t smell near as bad as some of the other stuff! My other fave is Pretty Litter.

Waterproof Blanket – We host a lot of kids at our house and if they are having drinks or food on the furniture I tell them to lay this down so I don’t have to deal with stained couches. It’s also great for sleepovers if you have littles over that wet the bed occasionally!

Butter Dish – Love that this one has a lid that seals!

Cat Water Fountain Filters – I had no idea that cats would need to drink out of running water, maybe it’s just mine? haha The filters on their fountain needed to be replaced!

Clear Furniture Covers – It’s a good thing I love Bruce and Frankie because man are they a lot of work to keep things looking nice! These dawn our couch corners to keep claw marks off of them. Helps so they don’t jump up as much too.

Cat Shampoo – Made for sphynx cats!

Museum Gel – Have you guys heard of this stuff?! It’s amazing! If you have something on a shelf that you don’t want to move you tack the corners with this, put it where you want and it stays put. With the cats climbing all over the place it’s been a lifesaver for the decor on my shelves. It also works if you have organizers in your drawers so they don’t slide around.

Drawer Organizers – I am trying to get my house decluttered and reorganized and these have been great for bathroom and kitchen drawers.

Chrome Powder – The girls love to do gel nails and needed a refill on the chrome powder!

After Bite – I bought before I got stung in the butt, but man am I glad that I had it! Takes the itch away fast.

Tank Top – Definitely not a workout tank, but that’s what I’ve been using it for lately. Keep your regular size in it. Love the length and ribbed material.

Aromatech Lemon and Eucalyptus Scent – I’ve been trying out some new diffusers and this scent is so nice. Smells really clean and relaxing.. if a scent can smell that way? hah

Base + Top Gel Coat – Another gel nail thing that needed replenishing!

Floss Threaders – With Anisten getting her braces off and getting permanent retainers, these are a must for flossing!

Wisps – I keep these in my car and use them whenever I feel like I need a breath refresher. It’s like a mini toothbrush with preapplied toothpaste. Just brush and throw away.

Gel Polish – A pretty ballet pink!

Oral Kit – Anisten wants to make sure that the glue on her retainer stays put so she checks it with this!

Clean Skin Club Swabs – Been trying these out, I like them! They’re biodegradable too which is nice.

Sunglass Pouch – Braun bought this so he can keep his sunglasses from getting scratched.

Ruffle Socks – These are all the rage among teen girls right now and I think they look super cute popping out over sneakers!

Baby Cream – Part of a baby shower gift.

Flowy Shorts – I originally bought these in my regular size and returned and got a size down. I have loved working out in them! See a picture of them on HERE.

Brow Mascara – Another makeup product I’m trying out, I’ll let you know if I like it!

Acrylic Drawers – These can be used so many different spots. I like them for under sink storage.

Braun’s been on a bike accessory buying kick lately! We’ve been on a lot of rides with the boys and it’s been so fun. Here’s a few things he’s picked up!

Hydropack Magnet

Torque Wrench Set


Scooter Tires

Oil Filter Wrench Set

No Tubes Core Remover Tool

Racing Fuel (for our e-bikes)

Valve Caps

Compression Ice Sleeve – Braun and I are getting old okay! This has helped with knee pain a ton. Also works for elbows too if ya need.

Gym Shorts – Dash wanted some new shorts so we got him these blue ones and white ones.

Roller Blades – Jett outgrew his and I’m all for outside play.

Ethernet Cable – We never seem to have enough of these at the house!

Electrical Tape – I’m sure Braun is using this somewhere, just not sure exactly why we bought it. It’s nice to have around those, just in case.

Box Cutter – … and this is too! haha this one is heavy duty. I’ve loved it.