Eye Makeup Favorites

My eye makeup essentials!

Eyelash Serum – I use this about every other day and am loving the results. My eyes are super sensitive to serums so I had to get used to it for awhile, but the results are worth it.

Dior Mascara Primer – I have zero mascara fall out when I use this. It’s amazing! You can get it at Sephora too!

Tubing Mascara – I wouldn’t consider this a tubing mascara, but I really like it! THIS is a new tubing mascara that Tarte just launched and I have been using it wayyy more. It’s so good and is definitely a tubing mascara!

Concealer – This is a new product from TULA that I’ve been trying out and it’s awesome. Comes in a ton of shades too. Code TARA for 15% off!

Eyelash Curler – A tried and true for me. Doesn’t kink your lashes or break them off.

Eyelash Comb – I use this to get clumps out after I put my mascara on. If you are worried about that other one impailing you in your makeup bag, this one that folds looks great too!

Shine Pallet – This is what I use every single day, I love the basic, neutral colors. Code TARA saves you 10%!

Eyeshadow Brush – I’ve been really impressed with this eyeshadow brush. Mega fluffy and applies really well.

Brows – I use a few different products for my brows depending on what mood I’m in, but I love the NYX brow gel, NYX Thickening Brow Mascara, and Got2B brow gel.