Cheer Locker Decorations

When volunteering to decorate Emery and Anisten’s lockers I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into. haha I used to be crafty, but haven’t done it in so long I’ve lost my touch. Despite it taking us so dang long to peel the vinyl, the lockers turned out super cute!

Here’s everything we used!

Bows – To go in the vent part of the locker, we zip tied them on.

Straight Edge Cutter – Gotta get those straight, crisp lines!

Contact Paper – This is what you have to use to transfer vinyl.

White Vinyl – Since the lockers are purple we wanted something that would pop, black would blend in too much so we went with white! We cut each cheerleader’s name out.. I do not recommend the font that we used. haha

Glitter Paper – I cut this out with my Cricut to go around the frames.

Paper Frames – We originally added glitter to these, but they turned out terrible so we pivoted and added the glitter paper instead.

Foam Squares – These gave a 3D effect to the frames!