Amazon Purchases – June 2023

Here are my amazon buys from this month!

I am allll about convenience and Subscribe and Save has saved my butt more than once! I get all the essentials delivered to my door. Depending on what it is I set how often I want to get it delivered. Here’s a list of my subscribe and saves:

Liquid Death – Flavored water in a can may seem a bit weird, but this stuff tastes gooood.

Nobody told me how bad wet cat food smells! But cats gotta eat. 

Celsius Sparkling Peach Energy Drink – If you haven’t tried these, they are SO GOOD. 

Bird seed – I love having a little bird house suctioned to my window… so does Bruce. This winter they have been nonstop eating so bird seed is essential.

Pirate’s Booty – One of the kids’ favorite snacks. 

PetHonesty Digestive Probiotics – Getting real raw and honest with my amazon purchases. hah! Gotta help those pups poop!

The Busy Bone treats are on the subscribe list for Pennie and Goldie, a fan favorite for sure. 

Mentos Gum – A Thueson fam staple. 

Fiji Water – The best water, don’t try and change my mind!

Trash Bags – I used to forget these all the time. Not anymore! I love the scented ones too. 

Toilet Paper – Another staple haha. Charmin is our fave.

Paper Towels – If you haven’t tried these paper towels you are missing out! They are think and cloth like, I love them.

Okay I don’t love the pre-made protein drinks, but these Fairlife Core Power ones are GOOD. Taste just like chocolate milk and keep you full for so long.

Paper Plates – These are biodegradable so I don’t feel as bad using them! Easy clean up for the win. 

Jack Black Lip Balm – My family loves this stuff! It’s best for being out in the sun because it has SPF in it.

Garment Hook – I can’t reach the stuff on our top closet rack very well, so this will come in handy.

Ursa Major Face Wipes – I use these when I travel! They are individually packaged which makes them super easy to throw in your bag.

Jack Black Lip Treatment – Decided to try a more heavy duty version of the balm that we love and have really enjoyed it.

Coco + Eve Tanning Mist – I promise it’s worth the hype. I spray it on my face in the morning and throughout the day I get a glowy, tan look.

Nivea Creme – This is an affordable heavy duty crème we love.

Pill Case – I love has small and sleek this one is for vitamins and pills!

Magnetic Pill Case – I don’t know how many of these I own now, but I’m pretty sure I have one for every car we have and all my bags! They are so convenient for the little knick knacks!

Ingrown Toenail Kit – Ingrown toenails HURT! This kits has all the things you need to fix it. Although I must add that it may be better to go to a podiatrist haha.

Cube Pillow Case – Braun swears by the cube pillow if you are a side sleeper and wanted a new cover for his.

Lip Masks – My girls were at girl’s camp a few weeks ago and I packed a whole bunch of spa stuff they could all do one night! This pack had so many included so it was easy to throw in.

False Lashes – I’ve been trying these out to see if I like them.

Zymox Ear Solution – This stuff is great for the dogs and cats!

Sunglasses – A ton of you have bought these and I hope you love them as much as I do!

Hanger Connectors – I have made it a mission to get all the closets organized this month. I’ve already started using these to put matching sets together.

Shoe Slots – If you have limited space (or love shoes like I do) this is perfect for saving space in your closet!

Frother Stand – If you use your frother a lot this stand will be perfect to put on your countertop! We also grabbed some more waterproof frothers for the St. George house!

We got Braun the Blackstone grill for Father’s Day and he got alllll the accessories ordered the same day.

Here’s what he got:

Squeeze Bottles


Basting Cover

Wind Grill Guard

Seasoning Shakers

Taco Holders – I’ve seen so many people with these and decided I wanted to try them out! It’ll be great for parties.

Cat Stroller – Call me the crazy cat lady, but Bruce and Frankie love going on walks in this thing!

Camp Chair – We bought 2 of these to tote around this summer and have really like them!

Fishing Nets – The boys wanted new nets to caught crawfish in the ponds we have by our house.

Speed Cube Pack – This comes with 4 different games, the boys have been obsessed.

Bike Tire Repair Kit – Need to fix a couple of tires down in St. George!

Mosquito Stickers – I bought these for our hike in Kanarra Falls and they were magic!

Dog Treat Canister – I bought 2 of these to keep the pets OUT of their treats because those dang cats can climb!

Leash – These are the only leashes I use for Pennie and Goldie, great quality and easy to use.

Diamond Art Storage – This is awesome if you are into diamond art. You can use an alcohol wipe to get the letters off when you need to switch them.

Dash’s Sunglasses – The joy on Dash’s face when these came in the mail… He’s been wearing them non stop!