June 2023 Top Sellers

All the things you (+ me) were loving the most in June!!

Red Aspen Nails – So many cute summer colors dropped last month! Bye, bye are the days of spending time and money in the salon when these bad boys are $14-$16 and will last 2 weeks.

Sunglasses – I’ve bought two pair of these now and LOVE them. You can’t be $14! (They are usually on sale). They seem big, but I like the size and the fact that they don’t get stuck in your hair when you put them on top of your head.

Trimmer – This has been on my top links for a longggg time. It’s the best trimmer and gets really crisp lines! I use it to cut my boys’ hair too.

Stanley Ice Flow – These are what we use to travel and it’s Braun’s go to. The flip straw makes it spill proof. They just came out with a Varsity line in these that are ADORABLE.

Gun Safe – I was nervous to share about these, but gun safety is important if you have one. We drilled ours into the back of the nightstand so it’s out of sight. Has a code lock or fingerprint access.

Diamond Art Storage – If you have kids (or you yourself) love diamond art then this is awesome to store all the beads. You can use an alcohol wipe to get the letters off when you get a new diamond art set!

Stanley Holder – This carrier restocked in a bunch of colors AND you can clip a coupon for 50% off which makes it around $11. Perfect for when you have a ton of stuff to carry.

Jean Jacket – Snagged this from GAP Factory in a size medium! It’s such a good summer staple. I sized up to the medium for more of an oversized fit.

Ribbed Tank – I’ve worn these for years. I size up to a medium for a little more room and wear them as a swim coverup a lot of the time. Tons of color options.

Hokas – The comfiest sneakers on the planet. They may not be the cutest, but it doesn’t even matter when you are walking or hiking! Heck, I wish I wore them to the Taylor Swift concert. They restocked in a bunch of colors!

Body Love Basics – I’ve shared about this weighted hot pad for a minute now it’s been a saving graces when I have migraines or my girl’s have really bad cramps. The robe is so soft and a ribbed material! Code TARA saves you 10% always.

Coco + Eve Tanning Mist – I originally saw @fullmhouse share this and immediately ordered. All you have to do it is spray your face a couple of times and it leaves you with a glowy tan!

64 Oz Stanley Tumbler – This bad boy launched last month and it’s been awesome. It’s massive, I know, but all my kids think that my water is the community one so I like this when we go to the pool or out and about!

Brow Dying Kit – This is what I use to dye my brows and it hasn’t failed me yet!

Walmart Shorts – These came back in stock after a few years of not being around! They’re the perfect mom short.

Rubber Birkenstocks – These restocked in a bunch of colors. I wear mine all summer long. The best beach, pool, and whatever your heart desires shoe.

Diving Gems – We have these down in St. George and they keep the kids entertained for hours!

Clean Skin Club Face Towels – I watched a video about how much bacteria is on our towels after just a few days… It was gross. These make it so you have a clean towel to wash/ dry your face every time. Just use it and throw it away.

Nippies – Not surprised that these are a top link again! I use them instead of the pads in swimsuits. Waterproof and lost for multiple wears. I like how thin these ones are, they don’t make it look like you have huge nips! haha

Loopy Cases – The case I’ve had on my phone for 8+ years. They recently came out with new designs (like these checker ones) that are so cute! Code TARA10 will save you 10% on one case and TARA15 will save you 15% on 2+.