Bags I Love

I get asked often about what bags I love for different occasions, I rounded them all up for ya! You can find my favorite everyday, travel, cosmetic/toiletry, and pool/ beach bags.


The name speaks for itself, these are the bags you can find me wearing as my purse! Can you tell I love crossbody sling bags the best? haha

FP Sling – My girls love these ones! They’re roomy and come in a ton of colors too.

Deset Woven Crossbody – Love the woven texture on this, a great day to night bag.

Crochet Fannypack – Okay, this one is pricey, but SO DANG CUTE. Imagine having this on a beachy vacation! It’s massive too which is a plus for me.

Quilted Carryall – This is my throw everything in and go, soccer mom bag. It’s MASSIVE. Super comfortable and lightweight too. They have a ton of color options available right now.

Gucci Belt Bag – I bought this months ago and it truly is the bag I use the most. This one is the 60L so it holds all the things I carry with me every day. If you’re a designer bag loving lady, then this is calling your name! It just came out in green and I want it SO BAD.

Parker Clay Sling – I was hesitant to buy this at first, but am so glad that I did. There’s a bunch of different ways to wear it. It’s square too, so varies from the other crossbody bags I’ve shared.

Clhei Crossbody – I’ve shared about Chlei bags for YEARS. The quality it unmatched and they hold up so well. Love that there’s an outside pocket to quickly access the things you need without having to open the whole bag.

Andar Fanny – Another brand that I’m a huge fan of and will promote forever. There fanny pack has great storage, it’s all leather too so it ages beautifully. Code TARA gets you free shipping!

Leatherology Small Bag – Similar to the Gucci mini bag, but less expensive.

Gucci Mini Bag – This is perfect if you just need to carry the essentials.

Gucci Messenger Bag – Tiny, but definitely makes a statement!

I’m a big fan of MZ Wallace bags, here’s my faves:

Medium Crossbody

Mini Crossbody

Bucket Bag


Tobiq Duffle – If you’re the ultimate organizer, this bag is for you! It has separate zipper compartments to keep things in their place. Great to pack all kids in one bag too! Code TARA saves you.

Dagne Dover has been a long time fave of mine. They are comfortable to wear because they’re made of neoprene. Here’s what I use most:

Weekender Bag

Dagne Dover Indi Bag

Small Weekender

Andar Backpack – I got this for one of my friends for Christmas and was mad I didn’t get one for myself. So I went back and snagged one! Code TARA will save ya. It’s leather so it looks better and better the more you use it.

MZ Wallace Backpack – Technically a diaper bag, which it would be amazing for! But I like that it has the ability to slide onto luggage!

Medium Metro Tote – This is the best personal item for a plane ride! It can hold so much and is really lightweight.

Patagonia Black Hole Duffle – It’s called a black hole duffle for a reason! It holds so dang much. These are what we take on camping trips, to St. George, and everywhere in between.

Belt Bag – These were all the rage a few years ago, I still use mine! It’s great to travel with because it fits in a suitcase super easy. They have tons of colors and a few

Cosmetic / Toiletries

Clear Case 3 Pack – If you’re looking for a cheap option to throw your travel size stuff in. Great quality too!

Dagne Dover Mesh Toiletry Bag – Love that this one is mesh, you could throw it in the wash and have it come out looking brand new! Comes with 2 zipper pouches too.

Beis Cosmetic Bag – This one is quite a bit smaller than the other ones I’m sharing, but if you’re a less is more kinda gal then this is a great option.

Divided Fold Down Travel Case – If you are an over packer like me, then this bag will be your best friend.

Clear Square Cosmetic Case – I like that this one has casing that’s durable, but a clear window to still be able to see everything!

Sly Beauty Makeup Bag – Another great option if you need to fit a lot of stuff! I like it because I can easily fit full size products.

CALPAK Clear Makeup Bag – This is what I put my everyday make up in! Love that it’s clear so I don’t have to dig through to find what I’m looking for.

Tobiq Cosmetic Case – This one is sold out, but when it comes back in stock, grab it! There are so many compartments that make my little organization heart SOAR. Code TARA will save ya!

Beach / Pool

Scout 4 Boys Bag – This bag holds SO MUCH. I’m talking 8 pool towels, 2 Stanleys, AND snacks. It has a zipper top to close if you need to.

Scout Bag Errand Boy – Another great option to hold a lot, this one is wider and not as tall as the 4 boys bag.

Bog Bag – Basically a croc as a bag haha! This is perfect for the beach because you can hose out all the sand, plus the circles help it to easily shake out!

BRNG Bag – I have been loving these bags so much! They aren’t as big as the scout bags, but are perfect for pool! I use mine for post office runs, returns, soccer games. Honestly, I use it everyday! Code TARA will save ya 15%!

Mesh Beach Bag – These are a simple one that I pack for vacations because they fold up small! Lot of color options too.