Billie Razor

I get asked a ton about the razor my *whole* family uses! I say whole, truthfully. You’ve probably all seen the video of me taking a Billie Razor to Braun’s back by now!! Here are some of our favorite products:

I recommend this set to everyone to start with… It’s $10. I don’t have a discount code but it’s a great deal for $10 with free shipping!! It comes with the handle, magic holder + 2 blades.

This shaving cream is silky smooth and does not foam! It leaves your skin hydrated. It’s $8 and we have it delivered every few months.

The Magic Wipes I share about all the time! I leave them by the bed to wipe off makeup when I’m feeling extra lazy but these are always in my car or purse! These are in our monthly delivery.

This Travel Case (3 in this pic!) is a $5 MUST. This thing is so dang handy when we travel!

This lotion is also a must, especially if you live here in Utah with the dry weather!

My girls use this body wash! It doesn’t dry out their skin at all, even when used every single day.

I’ve never tried the lip salve but based on IG posts I’ve seen, it’s fantastic. It’s made with really great ingredients. Same with this dry shampoo! I should though. I like that you can choose between dark or light hair colors.

If allll of these products interest you – the sets are definitely the best value!! This one has a razor handle, holder, 4 blades, shave cream + lotion… and this one has dry shampoo, wonder wipes + lip salve!