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Let’s talk being a mom. Heck, even if you’re not a mom, chances are things have happened in your car that you either wish hadn’t (hello vomit or blood) or you’ve been on a long road trip and have needed to entertain more than yourself.

READ THIS ENTIRE BLOG POST because it is going to SAVE your sanity and possible that nice carpet that you just had cleaned.

We went to Sun Valley, Idaho this weekend and if you followed along, you probably saw some of these gems make an appearance!


First, let’s talk center console. It’s the perfect place for everything a mom, dad, a responsible adult should have access to in a hurry in case of any of the above-mentioned catastrophes or worse.

I keep a lot in here and use it more often than you might think! I’ve broken it down by box so you can see how essential each one is AND ensure that you grab everything you need to make your own!

Clockwise from top left:

Box 1: Cleaning Wipes

HAND WIPES: I use these to wipe hands, dashboard, anything sticky, and pretty much any non-screen surface. You can use these on screens but they do leave streaks and water marks. I also keep a few of these in my purse!

LENS CLEANING WIPES: These are used one sunglasses, phones, the inside of our windows, iPads…anything with a glass surface or screen. They are streak free and save you from having to breathe hard on the glass and wipe.

Box 2: First Aid

BAND-AIDS: I have a few different types here for blisters, standard cuts, and waterproof – Why so many different types? I’ve used them all and so will you.

NEOSPORIN: These individual Neosporin packs are a lifesaver! I keep a few of these in my purse as well. In a pinch, these can be used on chapped skin and lips as well!

CHEWABLE TYLENOL: Having something like Tylenol on hand is important. It’s not something I often give my children but I keep in my card first aid kit for road trips, or any sudden headaches/fevers

Box 3: Chargers and Cords

iPHONE CORDS: You can never have too many of these. Mine seem to sprout feet and walk off all the time. Anyone else have this problem?

CIGARETTE LIGHTER CHARGER: This is a great all-in-one unit so you’re not using a coveted USB cord and it can be plugged into the back cigarette lighter as well.




Box 4: Personal Hygiene

FLOSSERS: These flossers and picks are life savers! They’re also mint flavored so after you’re done picking your dinner out of your teeth, you’re breath will also smell good! These are also kept in my purse!

MINI BRUSH: Love these. For those mornings when you’re running late, or when you’ve got to meet someone after a particularly messy meal – these provide a quick brush and a swash of scope.

WHITE STRIPS: If you’re on a drive and have some time, crest white strips are easy to pop in and get in your teeth whitening – all on the go!

Box 5: Gift Cards/Reward Cards

This one you’re on your own! Keep your gift cards and rewards program cards close at hand! Never lose another one again!

Box 6: Hair/Nail Care

INVISIBOBBLE: These are a great alternative to elastics for my own hair – I prefer these because they don’t leave any creases but hold my hair tight!

BATHPACK BRUSH: This brush is like the wet brush and helps get your kids hair tamed without the tears! Spend $10 and get FREE shipping!

NAIL FILE: For those jagged edges that inevitably happen and when you don’t want to lose the whole nail!

SUPER STRETCH CLEAR ELASTICS: These elastics are the best! They are heavy duty but don’t harm the hair. They’re also soooo cheap and you won’t feel one ounce of guilt just snipping through them.

ELASTIC CUTTER: You can use my standby, a seam ripper, or use one of these handy elastic cutters. Saves on tears and hair.

BOBBY PINS: I am not exaggerating when I say these are the BEST bobby pips you will ever buy.

TWEEZERS: Slivers, bugs, hard to reach things…I would buy a set that has a tapered and needle nose points. Trust me. You’ll use these more than you think!

NAIL CLIPPERS: I don’t know what it is about kids getting rough and playing but my kids break a nail or bend back a nail so often! Or they’ll scratch me and I’m reminded that it’s time to cut their nails!

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These other items we keep in our center console or in our backseat organizer are just as important as the ones that fit in my organizer! Gold Bond for the obvious (can’t be sweaty). If you’ve ever had someone vomit in your car, you know that beyond being the most disgusting thing ever, the smell NEVER goes away. You might as well drive it off a cliff and go get a new one. So we keep these vomit bags EVERYWHERE so a kid can quickly grab one and save us all from losing our lunches!

I’ve always got some of my favorite gum with me both in the car and my purse, wipes because kids are gross, and of course, a Car Litter Bag for all of that unwanted trash!

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For easy-to-hang instructions, check out the website HERE.  The other thing we love to do on road trips that really saves our sanity are games!


Games help pass the time on super long road trips and even long plane rides. It can be something really fun for everybody like Games On The Go which combines questions and I spy all in one or something simple like Spot It that has your family looking for road signs, animals, common sightings, and even includes a road trip bingo!


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This battery jumper cables contraption has saved us more times than we’d like to admit. Kids leave lights on, doors open, radios playing, and it’s hard to catch it every time. There’s nothing more deflating than walking out to find a dead battery. You can purchase one that is an air compressor as well but we really love this one!

And if you don’t have a folding wagon – get one! NOW! It is life-changing. From parades to long walks around the neighborhood, and seriously any place else, this wagon will become a member of your family. Seriously, you will take it everywhere because it will save your back and feet from lugging around tired or sleeping children!


I become the coolest mom on the block when I open up this bad boy. Located at the back of our car, this extra storage goes a long way! It’s always jam-packed full of snacks for my kids and items that save us on those days when it rains or someone skins a knee!

So check out my complete CAR NECESSITIES list below to learn how you can make your life just a little bit easier on the road!


  1. 9.18.18
    Elizabeth said:

    We just bought a camping trailer so I am going to stock that with all of your suggested items.

  2. 9.19.18
    tarathueson said:

    You’ll be so happy you did! Total lifesavers! Let me know how it goes!

  3. 12.29.18
    Brittani Cohee said:

    Where did you get the small pink Bobby pin and hair accessory container?

  4. 1.4.19
    Kim said:

    Where is the small pink container from? The one that has Bobby pins in it.

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