December 2022 Amazon Purchases

Do my Amazon purchases show that I just bought 2 cats? You tell me! haha Lots of cat purchases and a few Christmas gifts from this past month.

Bar Stools -We are putting these in the basement, which is slowly coming together. Maybe this year we will have a couch! haha

Mini Trash Can – You might be wondering why I bought these since I literally have a company named Car Litter Bags.. Well, these are great for the Beast (our 12 passenger van). I have one on each of the rows.

Native Deodorant – A subscription the Thueson household can’t go without.

Aquaphor Stick – This is genius! Doesn’t get all over your hands.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick  With cheer comp season in full swing, the stay all day lipstick is required. This stuff does not budge.

Garment Pole Hook – If you’ve got tall racks this is a lifesaver!   

+Lux Unfiltered Conditioning Body Cream – Okay, this stuff is so hydrating, it’s amazing!

Pill Organizers – I’ve bought 5 of these over the last couple of months to keep everywhere. My girls like them too!

If you need inner healing and meditation stuff here’s a great list to start with:

Chakra Therapy Starter Collection

Crystal Necklace

Chakra Stones

Meditation Sound Bowl

Mermaid Chrome Nail Art Powder – Got this for the girls for Christmas along with some gel nail items. Chrome is super trendy right now and it’s so fun!

Electric Candle Lighter – These are seriously genius and so great if you have little ones that want to help you light candles hah!

Cat Claw Covers – These have been saving my furniture.. and skin. The cats get manicures every 2 weeks to keep those claws tamed. I just bought these ones too, Purrdy Paws Nail Caps!

Cat Collars – The cats are getting bigger and they needed bigger collars! I always get ones with bells on them so we know where they are. 

Cat Food – We’re finally off wet food for the cats and I couldn’t be happier. That stuff STINKS. 

PetHonesty Digestive Probiotics – Getting real raw and honest with my amazon purchases. hah! Gotta help those pups poop!

The Busy Bone treats are on the subscribe list for Pennie and Goldie, a fan favorite for sure.

Bruce and Frankie love these treats.

Cat Deterrent Outdoor Scat Mat – We are putting this up so that cats don’t climb on through the railing onto the built in cabinets. When Frankie fell it broke my heart. I’m so glad she is okay, but it CANNOT happen again. 

The Intentional Father: A practical guide to raise sons of courage and character – Braun’s new read, he’s been really loving it so far. 

Have you guys seen these?! They are basically ear plugs on steroids. Braun bought them, they are Bose sleep headphones, they don’t play music, but instead hook to a specific app that plays calming sounds, nature sounds, and so much more to help you fall asleep. Perfect if your traveling and having to stay in the same room as someone. This is the second pair we have bought!

Nintendo Switch screen protector – The boys are ROUGH on their switches, these are a lifesaver. 

Matte Screen Protector – New phones for Christmas means new screen protectors!

Misting Screen Cleaner – This is the coolest thing! You mist your devices screen and then you can use the side of it to wipe the screen clean. 

Spinning fidget toy colorful – Put these in the boys stockings, they’ve been a hit. I’ve like to play with them too. Here is a silver and gold one that we bought too!

Video Light – With my job you can never have too many of these laying around the house!

I bought a couple of things for my camera! 

Soft Shutter Release Button

Camera Screen Protector

Memory Card

Woolnut Leather Case for AirPod Max – This is a pricey case, but so are the headphones haha. I needed something that is going to really protect them and one has been great!

Ground Zero – Another book on Braun’s list! I’m not sure if he’s started it, but it has great reviews. 

Password Piggy Bank – Christmas gift for Dash!

Batteries – A Christmas essential. Now if only they made packaging on toys easier to open….

The 12 Week Year – Another Braun book! He has a whole list that he loves, I put a lot of them in the men’s gift guide this year. 

Red solo cups – When you have a lot of people over these are a must. 

The best gluten-free pancake mix.. needed to restock it!

Caramel wrappers – We had a fun time during the break, which included making caramels. 

Dishwasher wheels – Needed to replace these in the kitchen!

The Pink Stuff – I first saw this stuff on TikTok awhile back and thought I’d give it a try. It works wonders. I’ve used it on pans, sink, tubs, ovens. It works really well on getting the burnt stuff off. 

Cleaning Gel for Car – Grabbed this for Emery’s stocking. It gets the dust out of all the hard to reach places!

Glamorous Wash Laundry Detergent – I have this stuff coming on subscribe and save. It is the best smelling laundry detergent EVER. I know it’s pricey, but it’s worth it for sheets and special occasion stuff.

Celsius Sparkling Peach Energy Drink – If you haven’t tried these, they are SO GOOD.

OXO Toilet Plunger – I like having these in every bathroom for convenience, I really like this brand and the fact that they have a cover.

Gluten Free Pizza Flour – Thought I would try this out! It has a 4.5 star review. 

Liquid Death – Flavored water in a can may seem a bit weird, but this stuff tastes gooood.

Rubbermaid Scrubber – Also saw this on TikTok awhile back and finally bit the bullet. It’s like an electric toothbrush for cleaning. It has several different attachments too.

Ice machine cleaner – This stuff is awesome. We run it through our ice machines every couple of months to keep up on the maintenance of it. 

North Face Bozer Backpack – Do you feel like your kids go through backpacks like it’s nothing? I had to upgrade some of the kid’s and am hoping these last. Bought this one too!

Tungsten Carbide Ring – Grabbed this for Dash. He’s been really loving jewelry lately!

Duvet Cover – A new duvet cover for Anisten’s room. 

Hat Size Reducer – The boys have small heads, but love wearing the adult hats, these help stick to the inside of the hat to help the fit better.

This purchase can be one person and one person only… Braun! Black will forever be his wardrobe color. Men’s Fleece Sweatpants + Fleece Crewneck

Cheer Shoes – Anisten needed new shoes for competition season.

Waterproof Bed Pad – We got a new mattress for one of the kids and this great to keep spills off and the mattress fresh!

Chirp Wheels – I’ve shared about these a few times on my stories and when I tell you they have changed my life I mean it. It cracks my back so well and relieves a ton of tension.

Boys Slippers – Both of the boys got these for Christmas, so far they have really like them. I like the style of them with no obnoxious designs. 

Boys British Costume – This was Dash’s costume for his program at school. I bought this hat instead of the ones that comes with it to better fit the costume. 

Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube – After I saw the boys waving around to one of these in St. George I knew I had to get them mini ones for Christmas. 😂 They’ve loved it. 

Pens – As if we don’t have enough pens around our house.. they all magically disappear. I bought these ones to try and they’ve been great. 

Flashing Cube Electronic Memory + Brain Game – Another fun game for the boys we got for Christmas. I bought a lot of games in hopes of keeping them off screens, it seems to work pretty well!

Wrapping Paper Storage – Bought two of these to keep everything organized. They hold a lot and have a few compartments for tape, ribbon, and other wrapping stuff!

Twine – Used this as a finishing touch for wrapping friend gifts!

Where’s Waldo? – I had totally forgotten about these books! We’ve had fun looking through it.

Klask – We got this game for the boys for Christmas. They’ve had a great time with it so far.

Tiny Hands – Another stocking stuffer for the kids. I don’t know why these are so funny, but they are. 

Tape – Couldn’t run out of tape during wrapping season. 

Slap Bracelets – The gift wrapping hack that changed the game. Wrap one of these bad boys around the roll and it will keep everything stored so nice.