Era’s Tour Inspo Outfits

I’m still dreaming of the concert and want to go to another one so. dang. bad. It was life changing. I’ve gotten a lot of questions recently about what to wear to the concert and I’ve rounded up outfit inspo by album! I saw a lot of people dressed as different Taylor eras and thought it was so cute! A lot of this stuff is way outside of my comfort zone for everyday wear, but this is a once in a lifetime concert so have freakin fun with it!! There are a few repeats of stuff throughout, but that’s because I think it will work for several of the eras! I also rounded up some merch tees from Etsy + skirts in a separate blog post!

If you don’t want to go all in on sequins and glitter + want a little bit of country roots might I suggest the debut album! Think jean skirts, jumpsuits, curled hair, and butterflies. They were big for her at this time. Slap on your comfiest cowboy boots and you’re good to go!

Butterfly Dress – I’m thinking girl next store with this look. Would be so fun with the peal headband, pearl accent jean jacket, and a pair of sandals or boots.

Pearl Accent Jean Jacket – Depending on what concert you go to, it may get a little cold, it was for us! This jacket makes the perfect statement piece.

Fringe Crop Vest – Would be cute with a Taylor Swift tee underneath! You can check out this blog post for some inspo and links!

Cowgirl Boot Earrings – Rock the country girl theme with these!

Sequin Cowboy Hat – The overall theme of the concert was glitter, sequins, and shine.. You could even put a jewelry piece on this hat to make it pop even more.

Butterfly Claw Clip – Goes perfectly with the butterfly theme and keeps your hair out of your face while head banging your heart out.

Butterfly Clips – My girls would wear these anyway! Might as well add them to this outfit.

Butterfly Bandana – So cute to wear afterwards too.

Pearl Headband – So classy, would look good with any of these pieces!

Cream Duster – Another one you could totally wear afterwards too.

Sparkly Fringe Skirt – I love this one! Would be so dang fun to twirl in.

Jean Jumpsuit – You won’t be going to the bathroom anyway, so might as well wear a jumpsuit haha. If you go simple like this accessories and shoes that pop would be fun.

Fringe Bodysuit – I saw quite a few people in this! Looked comfy + you could throw on a sequin skirt!


“YOU TAKE MY HAND AND DRAG ME HEAD FIRST, FEARLESS!” Ah, this is such a good album. GOLD and SHINY is the theme.

Velvet Dress – A simple one with a cute fit. Shoes and accessories would make this one so fun. Only $22 too!

Earrings – Like I said, accessories are going to make your outfit.

Sequin Jacket – You could throw a Taylor tee under this and it would look so cute.

Gold Spaghetti Strap Dress – This one looks similar to one she wore on her Fearless Tour!

Gold Fringe Jacket – I have no idea where else I would wear this too, but it’s a showstopper!

Beaded Dress – I gasped when I saw this, if you are wanting to go all out this is another one that would be amazing.

Rhinestone Headband – This would honestly look good with almost all of the outfits I’m showing!

Gold Fringe Dress – Another very Fearless tour inspired look.

Sequin Bell Bottoms – With these pants you wouldn’t have to worry about what shoes you were going to wear because you can’t see them.


This may be my favorite album, but I don’t know it’s so hard to choose. Purple and girly is how I took this one!

White Embellished Bodysuit – Love that it’s white but still has fun details that aren’t sequins so that you can wear a some fun sequin bottoms if you so please.

Black and Purple Fringe Jacket – This is perfect. No need for an explanation haha.

Purple Hoops – Sparkly and purple… two birds with one stone!

Pearl Headband – When I think of Taylor’s wardrobe I think of it as very girly and this fits the bill!

Flower Sequin Set – I could def see my girls rockin this!

Purple Dress – Okay this is under $50 and BEAUTIFUL.

Bow – Giving girl next door vibes. It’s a fairly big bow.

Statement Earrings – Another great pair of earrings!

Lilac Sequin Dress – This silhouette is super in right now + the sleeves are such a great detail.

Plum Sequin Dress – I have this one! I wear the medium for length. Bonus points? It has POCKETS for easy accessibility to your phone to take vids and pics!

Flower Hoops – These would look cute with the sequin flower set!


Another amazing album… okay I’ll probably say that about all of then. This one could go a bit more casual if you wanted too, just based on what she wore during this era!

Sequin Wrap Dress – Definitely on theme with the red color. Adding some white cowgirl boots would be cute.

Sequin Flare Pants – These are so versatile when it comes to eras. Pair it with the “Not A Lot Going On at the Moment” shirt and you are set!

Heart Sunglasses – The epitome of the Red album.

Sequin Shorts – Another great option with a graphic tee if you don’t want to wear a skirt.

Not A Lot Going on at the Moment Shirt – She wore the same one in her 22 music video!

Red Velvet Dress – This dress comes in a ton of colors, but this red one is super fun!

Striped Shirt – Another option to make an outfit like the one she wore during her Red era!

Hat – …and the same goes this hat!


1989 was probably the toughest to find stuff that correlated the best. There weren’t any colors or common themes I could pinpoint except one.. SEQUINS. She wore a lot of sequins, crop tops, and skirts during this time.

Sequin Skirt – This is the exact one that Em wore to the concert.

Purple Metallic Skirt – This is the one piece I could find that really screamed 1989!

Sequin Shift Dress – Love the colors in this one.

Sequin Star Dress – A little different with the hearts and stars on it!

Disco Ball Earrings – I mean come on.. does this one need explaining?

Holographic Pants – Ummm how cool are these? Another good option to wear with sneakers and a tee shirt. I think this black top would look cute too!

Mesh Black Top – I definitely would have worn this if I knew it existed! Love the boxier cut.

White Floral Dress – Super girly, the flowers are fun colors too.

Fringe Jacket – I saw a ton of people in something similar!

Rhinestone Headband – This one was too good not to share again.

Green Sequin Skirt – A similar fit to Anisten’s skirt she wore! Loving this color.


Now Reputation is an edgy one! Hence all the black and snakes haha. A lot of people went all out with this era.

Metallic Shirt – Throw on some sequin pants and your good to go.

Mesh Crop Top – Hear me out on this.. with the turtleneck detail, this would be so cute with an oversized concert tee over the top!

Leather Skirt – I don’t think this one needs an explanation as to why it’s in this era!

Rhinestone Tights – These are so stinkin’ fun!

Leather Pants – Again… doesn’t need an explanation. The outfit I pictured was these pants, the black mesh crop top, + a concert tee.

Chain Dress – I’m not even sure that’s what I should call it haha. If you want to wear a simple dress, but spice it up a bit this is cool!

Vest – I audibly gasped when I saw this. It is BEAUTIFUL. The details are absolutely amazing.

Snake Earrings – Not sure I could wear them, but they fit the Rep bill!

Headband – Another pretty headband! I love that you can do so much with them!

Sequin Duster – I’m picturing all black and then this over the top to make it POP.

Black dress – Simple, but still here to party. haha


A lot of these are self explanatory for the Lover era. Hearts and the most girly I think out of any album!

Open Back Heart Dress – This one comes in red too!

Light Pink Dress – Frilly and fun!

Heart Earrings – Hot pink and would make a big statement.

Peach Dress – Glittery and a cute silhouette.

Pink Tie Dye Dress – I would wear this normally! Looks super comfortable too.

Hammered Heart Earrings – A little more understated then the last ones, but still shiny.

Ruffle Sleeve Shirt – I gasped when I stumbled about this beaut. So dang cute.

Cotton Candy Cloud Dress – Literally the album cover in a dress.

Pink Skirt – This would be cute with sneakers!

Crop Mesh Top – I shared this when we were in Vegas, ton of colors and the little frills on the hem is a good detail.

Heart Cutout Blazer – I imagine this one with a sparkly top underneath.


Now listen, I know they are two separate albums, therefore they should be two separate things, but a girl can only do so much! haha. These are also the two albums I don’t know much about. When I think of these two albums I think of fairy garden princess.. very wanderlust, homey, + earthy. If sequins isn’t your thing then this is the route to go.

Cream Floral Dress – A great option to be able to wear afterwards! Love the collar and button detail.

Pearl Hoops – Classy and would work with any of these.

Plaid Coat – Another stunning piece. I need it for next fall.

Cream Duster – This is a Forever 21 find and really decently priced!

Plaid Skirt – Emery would totally wear this! Has buttons down the front and looks quilted.

Grey Jacket – Again, it might be cold when you go! Don’t forget a jacket.

Loafers – I own a similar pair and love them.

Sage Dress – I imagine someone wearing this and frolicking through a field listening to invisible string.

Cream Dress – Pretty much the exact same dress as the sage one.


Last but certainly not least… MIDNIGHTS. The overall vibe for me is moody, but still sparkly because c’mon it’s Taylor Swift.

Star + Moon Earrings – “He was sunshine, I was midnight rain”.. A lot of people went with this theme and it was darling.

Sun Necklace – Another ode to the song Midnight Rain.

Fringe Jacket – One that needs no explanation.. love the blues!

Sequin Dress – Love that this one is chunkier sequins!

Skirt Chain – This screams Bejeweled! Having a bright colored skirt underneath would be cute! Black would really make it pop.

Sequin Pants – These have been on a few, but they are a good TS staple.

Purple Earrings – Lavender Haze + Bejeweled had a baby and it’s these earrings.

Pink Dress – You’re friends will be able to fix their makeup because they can look at their reflection on the silver pieces. Kidding, I’m kidding!

Silver Sequin Dress – I feel like this would be a comfortable dress option.

Tassel Beaded Jacket – I like that the tassels aren’t so uniform on this one + it’s sparkly.

Black Star Dress – Yes, the little dots you see are gold stars. The silhouette reminds me of something she would have worn singing Love Story.

Champagne Dress – This looks fairly lightweight, so if you are a sweaty person this may be a good option haha.

Jewel Earrings – Another great Bejeweled option! They would look good with the dress linked above.


I gave quite a few accessory options, but this HAIR BLINGER and HAIR/BODY GLITTER will also be your BFF for the concert!