Our Favorite Tent

I feel like 12 people might be a tad dramatic for how many adults this tent comfortably fits, but it is definitely awesome for a family!!

I’ve for sure shared this with you before.. it’s our favorite tent! For one, it’s so dang cute. It looks just like a little cabin.. For two, it’s got a lot of really cool features that some definitely are lacking. It’s super roomy, and the mesh sides are amazinnnnng, especially on super hot days.. It actually can air out vs. being a sweaty gross tent. We were able to fit two queen-size beds where we filled up air mattresses and then zipped our sleeping bags together to create a queen sleep sack! And make sure you’ve got one of these – it makes the process go 10 times faster! The roof is mesh for stargazing at night too.. fun with kids 🙂

Anyyyyyway, all that to say it’s finally restocked and ON SALE!