February 2023 Top Sellers

All the things you (+ me) were loving the most in February 2023!!

Glamorous Wash Laundry Detergent – The amount of times I bought this stuff over the last month is astounding. I’ve given it to so many people because it smells SO DANG GOOD. Dilute it with your other laundry detergent to make it last longer. The same company also makes car air fresheners and they will help your car smell amazing.

Hair Mask – I feel like I have struck gold by finding this hair mask. It has left my hair so shiny. It’s called MONEY for a reason. Use it every 3 washes and your hair will be silky and shiny. It says it makes your hair expensive looking. Yes, I want that for all of us.

Clean Simple Eats – They launched their Gluten-Free Pancake and Waffle Mix and I haven’t been able to stop eating it. It’s SO GOOD. I even took it with me to Atlanta to have in the morning for breakfast haha. Code TARA will save you 10% sitewide! We also love their protein powders!

Biker Shorts – These are the shorts my girls wear under their dresses! Super comfortable and a great price point.

Yogurt Cups – I use these for the girls when they are running late to school and need to eat! Super convenient on the go.

Epilator – Ever heard the term beauty is pain? Well, this is exactly what people mean when they use that saying. But, when I say it’s worth it, it’s worth it. I can go weeks without shaving AND the hair comes back in so much thinner.

Car Storage Containers – Technically these are to store photos, but they fit perfectly in the car console and keep everything so organized.

Dash loves to play games! Heck, our whole family does. It’s such a fun way to spend time together. We got him the SKYJO card game for his birthday and have been playing nonstop!

Oxy-Powder – I call them the magic poop pills because, well that’s exactly what they are. The bottle tells you to take 7, I have NEVER taken 7. I take one MAYBE 2 and things get moving within 8 hours. Code TARA will save ya!

LuluLemon Everywhere Belt Bag – Restocked and still a bunch of colors left! I use this all the time, especially with the warmer weather coming up, it’s the perfect adventure bag.

Elemis – They had a huge sale for Presidents’ Day weekend. The cleansing balm and moisturizer is a staple in my daily routines.

Air Fresheners – I bought these 6 times last month because I kept giving my to family and friends. Smells just like the laundry detergent… HEAVENLY.

Utility Pants – I bought these on a whim, not really sure I would like them, but boy was I surprised! They are so dang cute. I kept my regular size in them. Super soft, but structured too.

Magnetic Pill Case – I have shared about this since our trip to Hawaii last October. The small one is great to throw in your purse. I keep the bigger one in my car, it can hold a lot more than pills.

Arc Mirrors – I have 2 sizes of these. The tall one and the shorter, wide one. They are amazing quality and super timeless.

+Lux Unfiltered Tanning Lotion – Some of my favorite tanning lotion. It’s gradual so it’s forgiving and super easy to use. The scent SANTAL smells AMAZING.

Hokas – I got hooked on these shoes a while ago.. so comfortable and they just restocked the taupe and white colors. My favorite ones!

Red Aspen Nails – So many cute designs dropped last month! Bye, bye are the days of spending time and money in the salon when these bad boys are $14-$16 and will last 2 weeks.

Stanley Tumblers – There was a big launch on these last month! Some colors are still in stock.

Color Wow Anti Frizz Treatment – Speaking of frizz… this has changed the game in hair smoothness for me. You apply a generous amount (like spray it EVERYWHERE..) and then it’s heat activated so blow dry it in there. It has helped SO MUCH with frizz and shine. They also have a curly hair version that I got for Emery! That one needs no heat..

Mighty Patch – These are magic. If you have a zit, slap one of these on before you go to bed and it gets all the gunk out overnight. We use these all the time in our house!

Sunshine Drops – I bought these for my girls and loved them so much I grabbed some for myself. Mix it with your moisturizer. Gives such a pretty glow and a little color under your foundation.

Lola Blankets – When I tell you I’m obsessed with these blankets, I mean OBSESSED. They are so soft and don’t shed. Every time I go to pick mine up, a cat falls out of it because they love them too. I also had to grab a few for my boys since they kept stealing mine. Code TARA45 for 45% off!

Bio Ionic Curling Iron – Bought this for Anisten for Christmas and just bought both the 1 inch and 1.25 inch for myself because it’s so good!

Waffle Maker – This is well loved by us! If you need to feed a lot of people quickly, this waffle maker is perfect!