Holiday Gift Guide for the Teen Girls – 2022

I’ve got two of them and it’s so fun… most of the time! Haha. Here are my top gifts for the teenage girls in your life, Emery and Anisten approved.

  1. Victoria Secret Pajamas – Lots of styles and patterns available. They are nice quality and super comfy!
  2. Curling Iron – If you’re sick of them using yours then this is an awesome buy, Anisten loves it.
  3. Tarte Face Roller – This feels soooo good and it’s a great price point. I also love this cooling one from Kitsch!
  4. Dior Lip Glow – I know, I know DIOR…. but I promise your girls will love this! It’s the best lip gloss ever, we all use them and the colors are so good. Code TARA22 for a complimentary make up pouch and miniature fragrance with any purchase of $150 or more.
  5. Baggu Tote – My girls are obsessed with Baggu. Lots of patterns and a great size.
  6. Baggu Pouch Set – Same goes for these ones! Super fun patterns and styles.
  7. Ugg Slippers – The platform is awesome and these are so comfy. I own them and my girls steal them all the time.
  8. Stanley – It wouldn’t be a Tara gift guide without one of these on here! Haha. You know what they are and I promise the are worth the hype. TARA20 works for 20% off all drinkware except the Quenchers.
  9. AirPods – You know my love for Apple… The perfect wireless headphones.
  10. Polaroid Printer – This is perfect if your kid doesn’t want to lug around a camera, but still wants polaroids! Prints straight from your phone!
  11. Air Tags – Another peace of mind product. I have these on the dogs as well in case they get out. Perfect for a set of keys or on a wallet with this case!
  12. Vinyl Record Player – I think it’s so funny that these are a hot item again. But it’s so fun and there are so many color options if your girls are into vinyls.
  13. Purple Pillow – I have this on the men’s gift guide too! Braun and the girls love them. It’s made from the same material as Purple mattresses and is self cooling. I’m thinking this will make the perfect gift for your kids headed of to college soon.
  14. Brow Gel – It’s all about having the perfect brows lately… Luckily the trend isn’t to have them paper thin like when I was in high school. Haha Code TARA will save ya!
  15. Candle Warmer – If your girls love having candles in their room but you’re afraid they will forget to blow them out then this is such an awesome gift… Heats the candle up without having a flame!
  16. Puffer Vest – Such a versatile piece of clothing. I just got this one from Free People and know that my girls will be stealing it from me.
  17. Red Aspen Nails – A perfect manicure for $14 = the perfect stocking stuffer.
  18. Summer Friday Lip Mask – Emery’s favorite. It can be used as a gloss or as an overnight mask. Super hydrating and some great color options.
  19. Saranoni Comfy – Everyone is my family is getting one of these for Christmas and I’m SO EXCITED. They have youth and adult sizes available! I got Emery and Anisten the adult size. Code TARAHOLIDAY20 for 20% off!
  20. Dae Hair Styling Cream – This smells soooo good and it’s such an amazing styling product.
  21. Adidas Sambas – Super trendy shoe right now, on both my girl’s lists.
  22. Fondue Set – We went to Melting Pot for Emery’s 16th birthday with her friends and it was a HUGE hit. It’d be so fun to recreate at home.
  23. Levi Dad Jeans – I’ve seen these everywhere.. the go to jean for teens.
  24. Makeup Brushes – I don’t care who you are a quality set of makeup brushes makes all the difference. Help your girls out by updating theirs.
  25. Portable Charger – My girls’ phones are always dying… It stresses me out when they are out and about. This is so handy because they can take it on the go and charge up their phones.
  26. 8 Ball Keychain – I never realized how important it was to have cute keychains until Emery started driving… this one is a winner
  27. Custom Name Blanket – Such a fun personalized gift.
  28. Jewlery Case – Love this case to keep jewlery organized and not in random places.
  29. Poloroid Camera – This is like the upgraded, cuter version of this one you see around everywhere. Love the matte color options.
  30. Car Kit – This will definitely be one of Emery’s gifts this year. Comes with all the car essentials.. Jumper cables, gloves, etc.
  31. Goosebumps Blanket – This blanket is on probably 80% of the gift guides this year because it’s that good. The perfect adult swaddle blanket. Code TARA for 15% off!
  32. Heating Pad – The reviews on this guy are astounding. Awesome for cramps or if your girls are always cold.
  33. Volcano Candle – I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t love the smell of this. Tons of different sizes and jar colors.
  34. Short Uggs – These will be on my christmas list after Bruce pooped on mine :(….. Emery’s getting a new pair after that incident as well.
  1. Heated Mattress Pad – There is nothing better then climbing into a bed that is already warm in the cold winter months!
  2. Gel Nails Stuff – Don’t get me wrong, Red Aspen is the best, but sometimes girls want to do their nails! Here are the links to all the gel nail things. Light | Chrome Powder | Gel Polish | Gel Polish
  3. Morrocan Oil – Perfect for smoothing frizzy hair.
  4. Sunset Lamp – This matches the vibe as my girls would say… There are so many color settings.
  5. Holographic Basketball – If you have a sporty girl this is a fun basketball!
  6. Scrapbook Photo Album – The perfect place to put polaroids and pictures. They can add stickers and write things next to it too. The pages are all blank which is perfect so they can do whatever they want.
  7. CrunchCup Cereal Cup – I can’t tell you how many times my girls are running late for school and don’t have time to eat breakfast… this is cereal on the go and it doesn’t get soggy.. such a cool invention.
  8. Hero Zit Patches – A saving grace for those stubborn zits.. Slap one over a zit over night and I swear it’s gone (or at least smaller) by the morning!
  9. Baggu Dopp Kit – Can be used as a cosmetic bag, pencil bag, travel bag… the options are endless.
  10. Film Camera – If your girls are big into photography this is such a fun find!
  11. Ariana Grande Perfume – This smells so good!
  12. Clip on Speaker – This is a hit with all of our kids! Has a clip and is waterproof so you can take it anywhere!
  13. Troomi Phone – If you aren’t quite ready to venture into the full cell phone world, might I suggest the Troomi phone! It’s a smartphone, but you can control all the settings based on your preferences.
  14. Quip Toothbrush – We all love these ones! Super lightweight, but still electric.
  15. Sling Bag – Such an awesome bag. I have a couple of them. They are bigger than a Lulu one so if they are gone for awhile and pack more this is perfect.
  16. Light Cube – Another great option for a lamp that matches the “vibe”. haha
  17. Digital Watch – I’ve seen a lot of kids sporting these watches? I don’t ask questions because it’s wayyy cheaper than an apple watch!
  18. Disposable Camera – I swear that my high school experience is coming back?!
  19. Red Aspen Tanning Drops – My girls are STEERING CLEAR of tanning beds, but sometimes ya just need a nice tan. We love these!! The mouse is so great too, but these are more user friendly.
  20. Bloom & Bliss Affirmation Cards – I have these on a few of the gift guides, they are SO GOOD. The perfect stocking stuffer and the designs are so cute! Teens sometimes just need a good reminder that they are awesome! Code TARA saves you 20%!
  21. Gradual Tanning Lotion – Another great option for a nice (and forgiving) tan.
  22. Furry Slides – They don’t look like they would keep your feet warm, but trust me they do. Great if you have girls in sports that have to change into their shoes at practice.
  23. Cosmetic Case – How cute is this?! Heck, I want one. Perfect for organization in the bathroom or in a room.
  24. Fold Up Mirror – With Anisten being in cheer we are having to do makeup and hair for that in the oddest places, this mirror is a saving grace because it lights up AND folds up so nicely.
  25. Disco Ball Planter – This is just plain fun. I would add a fake plant in so I didn’t have to worry about keeping it alive.
  26. Puffer Vest – Another cute vest! This one isn’t as oversized as the other one I shared.
  27. Brazilian Crush Cheirosa ’62 Bum Bum Hair & Body Fragrance Mist – Another great scent my girls love. I would describe and warm and cozy.
  28. Roller Perfume – This one is nice to throw in a backpack or to travel with.
  29. Echo Show – Lots of great uses for this, but my favorite might be the alarm clock so I wouldn’t have to get the girls up in the morning..
  30. Silk Pajamas – Love the polka dots on these ones!
  31. Herringbone Converse – Just saw these on Free People and LOVED them. The herringbone pattern is so fun and these will go with everything.
  32. Collage – My girls are obsessed with how their rooms look and are big into pictures and collages on their walls. This is a great set!