Matching with adidas

Partnership with adidas and ShopStyle Collective

I feel like it’s every mom’s dream to wear matching outfits with their kids. It’s fun for awhile (basically while they can’t walk and talk) but then they get opinions and their style no longer matches yours, or it’s just “not cool, mom…” BUT I think I’ve found a way cute solution with our favorite adidas sets and Dash is letting me roll with it. 😆 If you feel like matching us… adidas is having a huge fall sale up to 65% off with code OCTOBER which runs 10/21 – 10/26!

Dash’s Sweatshirt | Dash’s Sweatpants | Dash’s Shoes | My Sweatshirt | My Sweatpants | My Shoes

Okay so not entirely matching, but close. The material is a bit different, and the strips are a bit different — but we definitely coordinate and it’s all sooo comfy!!

Dash’s Sweatshirt | Dash’s Sweatpants | Dash’s Shoes

Can you even handle his cute self!??! Gosh.. This year I just feel like he’s grown up SO much. He’s nearly as tall as me (which, let’s be real, isn’t hard at 5’4″) and I can’t even believe it. Last year he got really into soccer and started excelling in it so much.. it’s so fun to watch your kids develop passions and it’s for sure one of his. This year he asked for some soccer outfits and I knew just where to get them… adidas!!

I should have taken some close ups of the details of this set, but I totally forgot. His favorite parts are the mesh detail on the sweatshirt and thinks the material in both the sweatshirt and sweatpants are “the coziest thing he’s ever worn”.

These sneakers are those trendy ones you’ve probably seen ALL OVER social media platforms at this point. Emery has them, I have them.. now Dash does. We are suckers for a good pair of sneakers. Dash loves the extra couple of inches these give him too.

Other boy faves:

Dash’s Sweatshirt | Dash’s Sweatpants | Dash’s Shoes | My Sweatshirt | My Sweatpants | My Shoes

If you’re looking for a pair of sweats to really make your buns look good… Braun complimented me at least four times by noon the day I put these on 😂 They’re SO dang comfortable. I’ve been loving straight leg everything lately, but I really loved these skinnier leg sweatpants. I got them in my true size and they fit really great. I did size up in the jacket because I like my sleeves to run on the longer side.

My Shoes

I am looooving these.. they’re SO cute and Emery has already asked me if she can wear them… hahah! They will be so cute dressed down but also could be dressed up.

If I was holiday shopping for myself, here are things that would probably be added to cart 😉