My entire outfit it from Nordstrom Rack! They have had such good finds recently.

Sweater is such a pretty green and I love the cut! This would be cute with a half tuck or all the way tucked in. Wearing a size small here. There are 5 different color options to choose from!

The wash of these jeans is sooo cute. I feel like I could have these for 20 years and they would be just as in style then as they are now, ya know? But who even knows, haha. I’m wearing a size 25 here and am typically a 25/26! They are 59% off right now, dropping the price to $79.97!

I wore these loafers yesterday and today, they are that good! Such a great price point, I love the contrast of the black and cream. The sole is chunky with a little bit of a platform! TTS.

Lastly, my loopy case! I’ve had one on my phone since about 2014.. I’ve tried all the competitors and nothing touches it. My code is: TARA10 on one or TARA15 on multiple. The sandstone on is on preorder but it is definitely my new fave!