May 2022 Top Sellers

Man, every time I write one of these I’m mindblown at how fast the year is going.. but what the heck it’s already JUNE?? The year is half over?? If someone figures out how to stop time for a little bit.. let me know!! haha.

Here’s what you guys were loving in May:


Tula had their friends and family sale and restocked that delicious smelling scrub.. you guys snatched that right up and took advantage of the sale for suuuuure!! My code was changed to: TARA for 15% off! Right now the Glow kit (includes my FAVE stuff!) is over 50% off with my code.

Glossier You – this perfume smells SO dang good.. understandable you all loved it so much this month!! I keep one of these in St. George and one at home.

Jack Black Lip Balm – If you’ve never had a lip sunburn, consider yourself very lucky.. It’s freaking miserable! This jack black lip balm is the absolute best SPF I’ve found and I’ve tried a LOT of stuff.

The top 5 things you loved from DIME this month were: Perfume Sample Kit, Boost Duo, 7 Summers Perfume, Wonderscreen + Power Patches… My code is: TARA20 and it works on everything, even pre-discounted sets!

Cuticle Cream – this keeps going in and out of stock.. if you’re lucky enough to catch it in stock – grab it! It’s the hang nail CURE! I’ve had this specific one for well over a year and it barely looks used. It’ll probably last me my lifetime haha.

Cleansing Balm Trio – I’m shocked this is even still available AND still discounted! Use a new email and code: OFFER to save even more. I love love this stuff so much. Cleans your face without stripping it of moisture!

MixHers – this was really my first month sharing about it.. I’ve been using it since the second time I got c0vid. I text the owner and sent out a major SOS on what I should grab, and I’ve been using it consistently since. It’s been AWESOME for migraine help. Code: TARA stacks on subscriptions too.

Coconu – between mother’s day and pre-stocking for Father’s Day.. SO many bottles of coconu sold!! They came out with the duo of the oil + hemp – it’s currently discounted PLUS my Code TARA or TARA15 stacks for 15% off additional!!

Red Aspen – of course! It makes me happy that now over two years later you guys are still loving red aspen as much as me. I have totally fallen in love with the tanning mousse.. I have a whole highlight on how I apply on instagram.


Vale Boot Sandals – I’ve had these for a couple of years now and they’re still just as comfortable as the day that I bought them. I have mahogany and make up colors! I will probably grab another this summer.. gosh I love them with a cute midi dress!

Chaco Mega Z – my girls and I wore these to hike parts of the subway.. it’s what I took to Bora Bora, it’s pretty much what I take everywhere!! Haha. The most comfortable adventure shoe out there. Nothing between the toes!


Stanley Products – I’m hoping someday there is endless supplies of Stanleys for everyone, but until then, I will keep informing you as much as I can! Right now their having a huge summer sale! Everything is majorly discounted.

Target Beach Bag – it’s back in stock, finally!! This is the bag I can literally fit in.

Travel Game Pad – this keeps my kids extra busy on car rides or even just hanging on the couch if it’s no-screen time.

LuluLemon Belt Bag – the redesign is SO cute. I love the new strap. They have a ton of different styles now, including a mini one which would be perfect for kids! Shop them all HERE.

Ninja Air Fryer – I’ve shared this a bunch.. it’s the best! Grill + Air Fryer in one.. comes with ALL the things. The deal is crazy good!