We took the kids to a nice dinner downtown this year. It was so much, it’s crazy to me that all my kids are old enough to be able to do that! I could’ve taken them when they were little, but that wouldn’t have been nearly as enjoyable. haha

Blazer is from Nordstrom! I have a blog post with some of my Nordstrom faves and this is on it. I feel like such a business women when I wear it! hah I love the color and fit!

My favorite long sleeve shirt ever. It’s such great quality. I own so many of them because I wear them every day in the winter. They are only $19 which is a steal.

Jeans are yep, you guessed it the Levi Wedgie jean. Size up one size for a tighter fit and 2 sizes for a looser. Definitely don’t get your regular size unless you don’t want to be able to breath.

I’ve switched things up with my phone case and have been trying out a phone chain! This one is from Ossa New York. I like it! Here’s a similar, less expensive one from Amazon.