Kindle Hack

Gosh, I don’t know how I didn’t think of this before I dropped my kindle on my face 17 times.. but here we are. I was getting overly frustrated while reading my fairy books that my hand/arm would get tired and I would straight up drop this baby on myself. I know you’ve done it too.. let’s be real here. I solved it with a pop socket.. I never every thought I’d ever find use for one of these things. I absolutely hate them on phones (get a loopy if you’re still using a popsocket on your phone… code TARA10). But this pop socket has totally changed the reading game for me! No more face drops.

Another thing.. this is the kindle oasis. I’ve had the fires.. I’ve had the paper white. this one is my absolute favorite and it’s even an older model! They’ve come out with a better version than mine now. It’s super sleek + actually speedy. If your man wants to think ahead… Mother’s Day is coming and this would be a great gift!!