Right before we went boating and I froze my buns off! haha Should have worn sweats.

You guys are loving this romper just as much as I am! It’s so good. Stretchy + soft and the perfect pickleball outfit haha. I’m definitely grabbing more colors. I’m in the small. Might I suggest throwing on some Nippies with it? That’s what i did!

Shoes are New Balance! Here is a link to similar ones on Stock X. I’ve also been eyeing ones herehere, and here! I love these shoes and they go with everything!

As always, my loopy case! They recently dropped new designs and they are so dang cute. I have had one these on my phone for like 8 years and it’s my saving grace when it comes to my phone not ending up on the floor. Code TARA10 saves you 10% on one case and TARA15 saves you 15% on 2 or more!