Okay let’s talk workout clothing.. I have a LOT, but if I had to pick ONE thing to workout in for the rest of my life, it might just be this one..

Tank – It’s from Carbon38, the cloud compression one. They make a full length and a cropped (what I have) version. It’s currently 38% off, and sizes are currently limited.. It’s got a built in bra underneath and it’s supportive enough I don’t have to wear anything with it – no matter what I’m doing.. it’s amazing. I’m in a small!

Leggings – LuluLemon Aligns.. these are my all time favorite leggings. They have a ton of lengths available + they actually have some on their “we made too much” sale happening right now!

Sneakers – Hokas… These are the white/white Clifton 8s! I also love the Bondi 7s.. They’re extremely comfortable, especially during a workout and run true to size. Free People just did a collab with them in the cutest prints!

As always, I’m sporting my Loopy case (since 2014ish!). My code TARA10 works on one, and TARA15 works on multiple. I finally got the cute iridescent one for my phone! Bring on spring!