Graduation Gift Guide

It’s crazy to me to think that in just a couple of years I’ll be buying off this dang list for Em.. where has the time gone?! I haven’t done one of these before — but so many of you have asked recently. There is stuff for boys included in here too – although you guys know older boys are not my strong suit! haha. Hope this is helpful!! πŸ™‚

  1. Comfy – This will be on every gift guide for kids and adults ever.. haha. My kids LOVE this.
  2. Instax Camera – Urban outfitters has a ton of cute colors, including more masculine ones. My girls decorate everything with cute Polaroids. Em has an entire wall basically.
  3. Polaroid Film – Goes with the camera..don’t forget the spare film!
  4. Kindle – I think its really important for kids to keep reading more than just textbooks..
  5. AirPods – I don’t think I could function without these. The noise cancellation is amazing for when I’m doing chores or really need to sit down and focus on something.
  6. Photo Book – the Instax polaroids fit perfect in this! πŸ™‚
  7. Gift Card – this would for sure be the best option… some of my girls’ favorite places are: Amazon, Urban Outfitters, and Free People.. ubereats would be a good one, same with airbnb or vrbo
  8. Photo Printer – prints pictures directly from your phone!
  9. Stanley – of course they’re gonna need a 30oz stanley iceflow.. code: TARA20 (right now it’s stacking with free shipping too!!)
  10. Laptop Case – these baggu puffy cases are super cute!
  11. Laptop – Honestly, some schools have recommendations on laptops that work best with their software so it’s probably good to check that out before buying – but we looooove MacBooks in this house!!
  12. Backpack – I feel like this one is pretty self explanatory! haha. I’ve had my Lululemon backpack for YEARS and it still looks brand new.
  13. Mophe Battery Pack – It’s safe to say they’ll probably be adventuring or driving a bit more than high school days.. Emery WILL have one of these in her vehicle when she starts driving. It does just about everything.
  14. Apple Watch – something I definitely can’t live without.. mostly for the feature of pinging my phone, but.. haha.
  15. iPad – We really love iPads in this house. It makes it super easy when traveling to still get stuff done, packs up super small.. also procreate + coloring pages for a little zen (or honestly, to spark creativity.. SO many small shops on Etsy right now are stickers/designers that all start on procreate!!)
  16. Apple Pencil – An iPad accessory must.
  17. Tile Trackers – A piece of mind if your teen is forgetful.. put one in a wallet, purse, etc to keep track of it! Accidents happen (and things get stolen). They’re probably being trusted with a lot more in their wallet out on their own than they have been in high school.
  18. Goosebumps Adult Swaddles – the stretchiest and coziest blankets. Not too hot, just right. We love these. Every single one of us make sure these go everywhere we do. The adult large is my fave size. TARA will save you 20% off.
  19. LuluLemon Belt Bag – perfect to wear as a crossbody to make sure their stuff stays on them. My girls both have these and love them. They have a ton of cute colors, and also black, white and naturals.
  20. Loopy Phone Case – stop the dang drop.. haha. Code TARA10 or TARA15 for multiple
  21. Thread Wallet – these little wallets are awesome for teens! Holds a few cards + ID.
  22. Thread Lanyard – perfect for the wallet! Sometimes its simple just to have it hanging on you.. especially if they have to wear ID at school!!
  23. Luggage – let them adventure!! Also, makes is REAL easy for them to pack up and come home for a weekend πŸ˜‰ it’s a two for one kinda gift.
  24. Brixley Packing Cubes – everything has a home, as Braun would say. This makes it way easy for them to stay organized!! My code there is TARA10
  25. Printer – a lame school thing they probably aren’t going to want to buy themselves haha.

26. Charging Station – help them reduce cords to stay organized.. this will do all their apple gear together.

27. Bed Laptop Stand – Actually considering this one for myself, and thinking about grabbing this for the girls now. Perfect for lounging and getting stuff done.

28. Record Player – My girls are obsessed with records!

29. Single Serve Keurig – this is perfect for dorms/apartments… single serving of their fave drinks!

30. Toiletry Bag – this is what the girls and I use, it holds SO much. It’s perfect for keeping small spaces clean (or bringing back and forth to showers if necessary). it has a hook to hang from!

31. Nail Clipper Set – Braun bought one of these for every guy in our entire family.. The tools are legit. He’s obsessed.

32. Travel Mirror – This is what I bring everywhere with me! It’s compact, but large and actually helpful when trying to do makeup.

33. Speaker – It’s little, but puts off some good sound! Perfect for small spaces.

34. Moji – almost everywhere that I know of is flameless for dorms.. Moji is the perfect way to keep a room smelling fresh. Especially necessary for those sports boys, ha!

35. Nike Sling Bag – another gift Braun bought all the guys in our family.. this bag is awesome!

36. Poppy Lane + Co Bracelets – it’s fun to accessorize. You could buy a matching set to match, or just buy her some high quality jewelry without breaking the bank! The metallics are my fave and they’re 925 sterling silver, 14k gold or 14k rose gold filled, not plated.. so they can be worn 24/7 without tarnishing. My code is TARA25

37. Jewelry Travel Case – Em and I have these! They’re able to be personalized too!

38. Steamer – It’s super compact, but if they have to go to any events, it’s really awesome to have.. kids aren’t always the best at keeping things wrinkle free.

39. Nomatic Bag – this is Braun’s fave.. it’s got so many pockets for everything and opens fully. It’s an awesome bag.

40. Andar Wallet – it might be time for a real good wallet.. Andar is awesome. They’re compact but hold a TON of stuff. It’s what Braun uses! πŸ™‚ It’ll last forever. My code is TARA20

41. AirTags – to help them keep track of their stuff! I like to pop one in my luggage when I travel.

42. Backpack Speaker – this one is great too! It clips to bags. Little but mighty! haha.

43. OurPlace Pan – just start them off with the good stuff.. It’ll save them/you money in the long run πŸ˜‰ my code is: TARATHUESON10

44. Travel Tags – A cute gift if you’ve got a grad who plans on traveling. It can be personalized.

45. Desktop Light – This is a speaker, pen and phone holder, and lamp all in one.. perfect for saving space!

46. Graduation Year Bracelet – cute idea.. has their grad year in it too πŸ™‚

47. Diploma and Tassel Holder – an awesome way to store the diploma, tassel and a cute picture of them in their cap and gown!