Our Vivint Smart Home System

You guys. I am so excited that I can FINALLY talk about this!! It has been in the works for months. And I am sure you all know how hard it is for me to keep anything in. #OpenBookProblems But I have the BEST deal for you!!

As a lot of you know, Braun works for a company called Vivint. He has worked there for almost 16 years! They are a nationwide company  (plus Canada!!) that sells home automation and alarm systems. It is something that I literally wouldn’t be able to function without. With a few taps on your phone, you can lock and unlock your doors, see who is at the front door through your doorbell camera, turn up or down your thermostat, check in on your home and kids.. the list really goes on and on!

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I had an alarm system growing up and it honestly just wasn’t very user-friendly.. and it was ONLY an alarm system.

No cameras

No thermostat controls

No door locks

No Google integration


There are a few instances where Vivint has literally saved us thousands upon thousands of dollars and this may get a little long but I want to tell you anyway.


We had just moved into our last home. We had been there for about 6 months or so, and at 2 AM, in the middle of winter, our alarm starts going off. Just BLARING in the middle of the night. We checked our phones and saw that it showed that the basement window had been opened. Vivint’s alarm system won’t allow you to set your alarm if a door or window is open so we knew that someone breaking in had triggered the alarm. Braun grabbed his gun and went downstairs (thank heavens he was home!!) to check the window. Sure enough, the window had been opened a few inches and there were large footprints in our window well and going across the backyard.

It terrifies me to think what could have happened that night had our alarm not gone off. There is a false sense of security when you live in a good neighborhood but the truth is, bad things happen anywhere. And living in a good neighborhood makes you a big target!

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Also in our last home, we had a sump pump. If you don’t know what that is, it basically is a pump that pushes the sewage & water upwards out of your basement. We had just barely finished our basement and we went downstairs to show some friends that had stopped by to see it. When we got to the bottom of the stairs, we stepped onto the carpet and it was SOAKED.

Our Sump pump had failed us.

Which meant we had RAW SEWAGE allllll over our carpet, soaked into the baseboards AND the walls.


Luckily insurance took care of most of it (we had over $30,000 in damages!) but we weren’t about to have that happen again. We installed one of Vivint’s flood sensors near the drain to the sump pump and I cannot even count the number of times that saved us from going through that again. The second the water hits the sensor, I got an alert on my phone and could run downstairs and see if the pump was getting backed up again. (Also, try not to ever build a home where you need a sump pump!!)

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Like I said above, Vivint is much more than a basic alarm system.


I think my favorite parts of the system are these things… (but know that there is so much more that it does!)

  1. Getting an alert on my phone and seeing who is at my door on my phone and Apple Watch the second they ring the doorbell. Not just that though, you can TALK to them through your doorbell too.  “Hey UPS man, just leave my packages right there thankyouverymuch”. OR I can see if its just one of my kids’ friends ringing my doorbell at 7 AM. 😉  (Side note: my neighbors had a bunch of equipment stolen out of their garage 2 months ago and we were able to see who it was from our doorbell camera footage!)
  2. The PING CAMERAS! Such lifesavers. We have one in Jett’s bedroom and use it as a baby monitor. I can talk to him through it and he can push the button on it so it calls us on our phones. I am sure you have seen him calling his daddy from his camera often! It is the cutest thing. I also have one sitting on my mantle so I can see the main area of our house. It is great if I have to run to the store and my kids need to get ahold of me, or if I am gone and want to spy on them.


I asked Braun what his favorite part of it was and he said their door locks! He loves that he doesn’t have to haul any keys around, he just punches a few numbers in to lock or unlock it and you can even customize it so the second you push “lock” on the door, it sets your alarm automatically.. or unsets it. .. that way you always know your home is safe, sound, and secure! I take advantage of this feature and have all my doors set to lock automatically every night at dark.

Watch this video below to hear what both Braun and I love about our Vivint Smart Home System:



So if you’re ready to learn more about getting a smart home system for your home and your family, I’ve worked with Vivint to get a really screaming deal! You’re going to get my FAVORITE item, the doorbell camera, totally FREE when you sign up for your very own system!

Coming from the girl who researches EVERYTHING, there isn’t anything that beats our smart home system. It’s like an army having your family’s back 24/7. It’s protected our family many times and allows my husband and me to check on the kids when we’re not at home. It’s comforting to know that Vivint is keeping everything safe, sound, and secure.

To find out more about how you can protect your home and family AND SPEAK WITH BRAUN DIRECTLY call 801-252-5885!