September 2023 Top Sellers

All the things you (+ me) were loving the most in July!!

Red Aspen Nails – So many cute summer colors dropped last month! Bye, bye are the days of spending time and money in the salon when these bad boys are $14-$16 and will last 2 weeks. They recently launched some super cute fall designs.

Walmart Sweatshirt – I got some AMAZING stuff from Walmart last month, including this sweatshirt. Comes in a ton of colors and you can get it in a 1 pack or 2 pack! Size up one size if you want an oversized fit.

Salty Tub Co – The ultimate bath experience. Seriously, these are AMAZING. They have a ton of different packs depending on your needs. Code TARA works for 20% off!

Walmart+ Membership – Say HELLO to the best membership EVER. So many perks that are included. My faves are free grocery delivery on orders over $35 and free 2 day shipping, but there are a ton of benefits!

Anker Charger – I’ve raved about this for 3 months now, I bought it so my phone could stay charged at the Taylor Swift concert and have used it pretty much every day since. It works with a loopy case too!

Crewneck + Joggers – GAP Factory nailed it this month in the fall clothes department. This set was a hit with your guys (and me too!) Check out sizing details and everything else I got HERE.

Eyelash Comb – I use this to get clumps out after I put my mascara on. If you are worried about that other one impailing you in your makeup bag, this one that folds looks great too!

Wisps – The best way to freshen your breath in a pinch! It’s a mini, prefilled toothbrush that you just toss when you’re done. I keep them in my purse and car.

Bio Ionic Curling Iron – This was on crazy sale this past month and a ton of you guys scored! Honestly, I’d pay the full price for it, it’s that good.

Corduroy Skirt – Another perfect find from GAP Factory. It’ll be so cute with tights + boots too.

Amber Perfume Roller – Love the smell of this! It’s great to travel with or throw in your purse and go.

Donna Karan Deodorant – I have been using this for a few years now and a lot of you use it too! It smells so good and lasts long wear wise and shelf wise! It’s takes me 4-6 months to go through one of them!

Ninja Creami – I’m sure you guys have seen this everywhere, it’s the ultimate ice cream maker and it’s on sale for $112 off. Talk about a STEAL.

LuluLemon Top – I am embarrassed to admit how many of the these I bought this month. They are so good! Love the color options and the length they hit at. I’m wearing my true size.

Cocofloss – Cocofloss recently launched toothpaste and it’s awesome. All natural, whitens, and brightens too. I first got hooked on their floss and every product they’ve come out with since has been a winner.

Stanley Snack Tray – Quite possibly the most bizarre purchase I’ve made in 2023 haha. In my defense, it’s great for movie nights!

Loopy Cases – The case I’ve had on my phone for 8+ years. They recently came out with new designs (like these checker ones) that are so cute! Code TARA10 will save you 10% on one case and TARA15 will save you 15% on 2+.

Clear Drawer Organizers – Finished organizing a few rooms in our house and these were life changing.

Grip Strengtheners / Fidget Toys – Targeted ads get Braun every time, now all the kids play with them too!

lululemon Ribbed Align Leggings – I get my true size in the 28 inch length in these! They are a little bunchy on the knees, but not too crazy. They’re buttery soft like the aligns we know and love, but better!