Stocking Stuffer Holiday Gift Guide – 2022


Luminuex – Whiten those teeth! We love this stuff at our house.. all natural ingredients and no sensitivity after using.

Mini Glow Eggs – These are so fun for rooms or to take outside in the summer. Comes in a big pack so you can separate them amongst your kids!

Electric Hand Warmers – I don’t know how I just found out about these this year, but they are MAGIC.

Checkered Slippers – How cute are these? They have 4 color options so you can it up for everyone in the fam.

Thread Wallets – Perfect if you have a new driver or new teen!

Gloves – I swear we have to buy everyone a new set of gloves every year…. WHERE DO THEY ALL GO?

Bath Bombs – This pack has a ton in them.. Another good one to separate among kids.

Carrhart Beanie – Everyone could use a good beanie!

Air Tag – So nice to have on a wallet, keys, or in a car. Perfect for teens, husbands, or yourself!

Air Tag Holder – This is great to put on luggage when you’re traveling or on a keychain.

Matte Phone Screen Protector – If Santa is getting new phones for your kids, you might as well stock up on the accessories they need!

Scalp Massager – Super inexpensive and feels so good. Everyone is getting one of these in our house.

Tiny Hands – These are just downright funny… The boys love them and I think the girls secretly do too. haha

Book Light – For the avid reader. I’ve noticed these are awesome for reading in the car at night as well.

Gas Gift Card – Perfect to your teenagers or young adult kids! I would have love to get these in my youth haha.

Car Wash Gift Card – Same goes for these! You can get them at pretty much any car wash.

Silicone Scalp Massager – When you wash your hair you can use this to massage your scalp and it feels so dang good. It is also supposed to stimulate hair growth.

Foot Peel Masks – So gross and so satisfying. You leave these bad boys on for a bit and then over the next couple of days all the dead skin and nastiness starts coming off. Leaves your feet baby soft. Braun swears by these things.

Ear Wax Camera – Another gross but satisfying product. This is slick. It’s lightweight, wireless, and connects to your phone via bluetooth so you can see what’s going on in your ear.


Gimme Beauty Clear Elastics – We go through these like nobody’s business. These are the best ones I’ve found.

Shine Lip Gloss – So creamy and so many amazing colors! Grab one for yourself and each of your girls! Code TARA for 10% off.

Can Opener – Upgrade your can opener while your buying stuff for your own stocking hah! Why does that always happen?

Car Air Freshener Clips – Emery would love these to make her car cute.

Ice Roller – This feels amazing on your skin and helps with inflammation. It honestly feels like going to the spa.

Tarte Gift Sets – Super affordable and great if you or your girls are wanting to try out some new makeup. Here is another one I like.

Chrome Dip Powder – This stuff is COOL. I have nail stuff on the teen girls gift guide and this would be a great addition to those gifts.

Billie Razor – The best razor. The starter kit is amazing if you have a first time shaver.

Record Player Air Freshener – This is adorable and you can get different smelling ones! So cute!

Gel Dust Cleaner – Can you tell I have a new driver this year? Hah! This stuff will pick up allll the dust and crap that gets in your car.

Glossier Balm Dotcom – My girls love this stuff! Lots of options to choose from too.

Zit Patches – We always have these in our house so why not add them to stockings? Helps to get rid of zits so fast and pulls out allll the gunk.

Kitsch Hair Towel – You know my love for these. Helps dry hair so fast without breakage or damage! Code TARA

Andi Hair Accessories – Whether it’s claw clips, scrunchies, or headbands they have the cutest stuff! Code TARA for 15% off.

Glass Tumbler – I shared about these awhile ago, the designs available are adorable!

Tarte Juicy Lips – Such a good lip gloss! The lip plump and lip creme is also amazing.

Ring Cleaning Pen – Gets rings so sparkly!


Gold Chain – Dash is obsessed with gold chain and they seem to quite the trend as of late. This one is inexpensive and is sure to brighten Dash’s morning. haha

Coconu – For your husband… let me repeat that FOR YOUR HUSBAND. The best lube ever. I love the oil based, but they have water based and hemp infused as well! Code 30TARA for 30% off everything until 12/31. This is the biggest discount they have offered me!

Nike Socks – My boys love these socks.

Dad Jokes Book – Not sure who would appreciate this book more, Braun or the boys?

Mini Simon Says and BopIt – These are cool and bring me back to my childhood! Love that they are small so they can take them along anywhere.

Ultimate Paper Planes for Kids Book – My boys are going to love this! Shows you how to make all kinds of different paper airplanes.

Nerf Guns – These only one two bullets which is nice so you’re not finding them all over the place hah!

Yoyo – Another fairly inexpensive one that I feel is a classic!

Underwear – Everyone needs it, might as well through it in a stocking.

Shoe Car Freshener – If you have a teen driver I’m sure they would love this!