The Best Women’s Wallets for 2018


I’m going to tell you a secret that is not so secret…I have an addiction to all things organizational. If they’re cute, they easily go up 5,439 points and it’s inevitable that they soon end up in my closet or my purse or my pantry. But my favorite of these items?


You’ve heard me mention them a bazillion times and it’s because I’m always finding one cuter or more resourceful than the last! And it helps that you guys are always asking because then I get to use the excuse that “it’s for research!” And if I don’t find you all the best wallets, who will?

I would never do that to you. We’re friends. And friends don’t let friends have ugly wallets.

But before I jump into my top 12 tested and true wallets for you, I thought I’d break down the different types of wallets for you!


First off, let’s talk about the different types of wallets:

  • Accordion Wallet: An accordion wallet conveniently folds flat but opens to be able to accommodate a larger selection of items than you might expect. This is great for women who need to carry a lot of cards but don’t want too much bulk.
  • Clutch Wallet: Clutch wallets, or mini-purses, can be carried by themselves and are typically more decorative than your normal wallet because they can be carried alone without a larger tote or purse. They also sometimes sport a wrist-strap or handle. And these are really meant to carry just the essentials!
  • Coin Wallet: A coin wallet features a pouch designed to hold coins. If you’re that woman that always seems to have a million coins on her at all times, a separate coin purse from your wallet might be your best option. And if you’re getting a wallet with a coin pouch, make sure it zips closed! You don’t want to be that girl who drops coins every time she opens her wallet!
  • ID Wallet: An ID wallet is a small and thin wallet that is designed to only hold a small number of cards and maybe some cash. This is a good option for anyone who wants to avoid a bulky wallet. The beauty of this type of wallet is that it can seamlessly fit into your smaller or larger purses – I’ve got 2 or 3 of these linked below that I think you’ll love!
  • Travel Wallet: Travel wallets feature sections that allow you to carry more while traveling, such as your passport. If you are a world traveler, this type of wallet is a must-have.
  • Bill Fold Wallet: A billfold wallet is any wallet that holds a section for bills that folds. I’ve never purchased one of these and I don’t know that I would! I love a wallet that does a bit more for me! But this is a great option for those that just carry cash. I keep on having flashbacks to those velcro wallets from my early childhood – haha!




My Wallet Picks!
Lauren Iridescent Wallet
I think everyone should have a 'going out' wallet and this one is my favorite! This wallet is leather with a magnetic snap closure, fabric lining, and measures 8.5(L) x 5(H) x 1(D)"!
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Strapped Lather Wallet
I love this one because of the strap! It has super clean lines and beautiful pebbled-leather and with the cross-body strap, you can go hands-free! And it's under $80!
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Lauren Embossed Magnolia Wallet
Similar to the Lauren above, I think the embossing detail is so gorgeous on this one!
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I LOVE this wallet. It's on the more expensive end but a wallet like this is timeless and it will last you forever. It has beautiful pebbled leather, full zip, and opens all the way up and lays flat. Unlock pesky accordion wallets that never seem to open wide enough. PLUS it's 40% OFF!
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Lauren Wallet
Again, same inside design and dimensions as the Laurens above but this style has a gorgeous suede finish, a beautiful cut-petal detailing on the outside, and it the most gorgeous saddle color!
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Leather Zippered Clutch
Keep the necessities effortlessly organized in a slim, neatly designed wallet fashioned from Saffiano leather and furnished with a convenient wristlet strap. A removable card case is perfect for outings when you want to carry only the bare essentials - totally my type of wallet!
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Bifold Leather Card Case
This is the one I've been carrying lately in my hip sack and it's sooo convenient! It has a snap tab to secure your cards in this handy layout that keeps your credit cards and ID separate.
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Fable Leather Continental Wallet
With its plethora of pockets and card slots, this versatile fold-over crafted from supple vintaged leather is perfect for everyday use. I like that it open ALL the way and has a tri-fold build! Plus it's the softest leather ever!
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Post Leather Wallet
This vegetable-tanned leather that will develop a rich patina over time which will look so gorgeous after continued use! This is a super classic, timeless wallet - I love this!
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Glory Wallet
A hair smaller than the Lauren, this waller is two-sided and my option for traveling lighter than a normal wallet. It opens at the center to reveal card slots and an ID window and opens at one end for more cards, while the frame at the other has a zip pocket. Plus I'm loving this color! I believe there are two other colors to choose from as well!
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Pivot Continental Leather Wallet
I think this wallet carries 18 cards...seriously, this is like the wallet to end all wallets and does all the heavy lifting expected of a good full-time wallet. This is the one pictured above that you can see folded out! One of my favorites!
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Glory Wallet
Just like the one above! A hair smaller than the Lauren, this waller is two-sided and my option for traveling lighter than a normal wallet. It opens at the center to reveal card slots and an ID window and opens at one end for more cards, while the frame at the other has a zip pocket. This one has one other color option!
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1 Comment

One Comment

  1. Do you have a pick for a family travel wallet, one that can carry multiple passports (4 passports or more). I purchased one off amazon recently and am not happy with it at all.


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