How To Save Time & Money This Summer with Walmart+

Summer gets BUSY for us.. If you’ve been here awhile you know we spend summer exploring and traveling.. This year looks a little different because of Emery’s cheer team requirements, but nonetheless we will be home as little as possible. Thankfully in 2020 I turned to  Walmart+ to save my family time & money more times than I can count.. from grocery orders last minute after sports, road trips, kitchen clean-outs to member pricing on gas for all of our trips back and forth to St. George, and shopping for myself and my family, Walmart+ has had my back. I don’t expect any less from it this summer.

Since I know how much you all love making life easier, I wanted to tell you about Walmart+ and how you can get a FREE 15-day trial to see for yourself how amazing it really is!

As you know, a lot of my latest cute comfort finds have come from using Walmart+ – including this cute dress and these sneakers and sandals I recently shared with you all! You can find more of them HERE..

Shop my recent Walmart+ finds:


Walmart+ is a membership that has you at the heart of it. I’ve been enjoying the benefits of Walmart’s grocery delivery for over 2 years now and having a membership that includes free delivery ($35 minimum, restrictions apply) on groceries and more along with other benefits feels like it was designed with me in mind! Walmart+ can save you 7.5 hours per month*  and $68 per month** with free delivery.


Walmart+ free shipping (excludes freight & Marketplace items) with next-day and two-day shipping options is just one of the many benefits of Walmart+. Here are my other faves:

  • FREE DELIVERY FROM YOUR STORE: Say “Goodbye!” to the per-delivery fee! Now you can get everything from groceries to the comfiest clothes at the same everyday low prices you love delivered to your door as soon as TODAY. Your order just needs to be a minimum of $35 to qualify, and make sure you check your area as some restrictions do apply!
  • MEMBER PRICES ON FUEL: With the Walmart+ membership you can now save 5¢ per gallon at Walmart & Murphy stations. Plus, you can now access member pricing at Sam’s Club fuel centers. It’s amazing how quickly those cents add up, especially when filling your tank! We love this benefit when we are traveling back and forth from St. George, and on the many road trips we take!
  • MOBILE SCAN & GO: Check out with your phone to make in-store shopping fast, easy, & contact-free. It saves time and all you need to do is scan, pay, and be on your way!
  • RX FOR LESS: Get select prescriptions for as little as $0 & save big on thousands more at Walmart Pharmacies. This is not available in all states. The program is not insurance and cannot be combined with insurance.  

I love that you get to schedule delivery times for some items!


When it comes to setting up your new Walmart+ membership, you have 2 options:

  1. PAY MONTHLY: $12.95
  2. PAY YEARLY: $98 (which breaks down to just $2 a week based on 52 weeks in a year and pays for itself after just 2 uses based on the  $7.95 delivery fee).

And because of the added benefits, this membership may save you money in areas you hadn’t thought of before, I saved in obvious places like groceries, but also in clothing, shoes and some beauty products! This summer more than ever it’s going to save me SO much time in all areas! With the added member benefits Walmart+ provides, I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t sign up with this membership to save time and money. Who could say no to same everyday low prices or one-hour delivery windows with Walmart+? Not me. Start your 15-day free trial and experience the benefits of Walmart+ today!

Thank you Walmart+ for sponsoring this post.

(*Savings based on 2 store trips per week. Excludes time spent shopping online. $35 minimum order, restrictions apply) 

(**Savings based on 2 deliveries per week vs. non-member $7.95 delivery fee. $35 minimum, restrictions apply).

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