Weekly Faves

Here’s your faves from this week!

Nutrafol – If you’re needing some hair growth help, Nutrafol supplements are AMAZING. I have been taking mine consistently for about a year and am amazing my the hair growth results. The link gets you $50 off your first 3 months or $106 off the first 6 months!

Kitsch – I’ve shared about their hair towels for years. Honestly, once you start using one, you’ll understand the why I love them so much. They have other amazing products too that are linked! Code TARA saves you 15%.

BioIonic Curling Iron – There was a crazy deal on my favorite curling iron, it’s back to it’s original price, but use code 30OFF for $30 off. Still an amazing deal.

AG1 – I know, I know.. You’ve heard about these from everyone and their dog. BUT, there’s a reason for that. I’ve been drinking AG1 consistently for 8 months and the benefits I’ve felt are amazing. Use my link to get a 1-year supply of AG1 Vitamin D3+K2 and 5 AG1 Travel Packs FREE with your first purchase.

Donna Karan Deodorant – Another tried and true fave. The smell is amazing, the wear lasts so long, and the shelf life too! I go through one stick every 6-8 months.

Loopy – How cute is this new Loopy case?! They came out with 2 new colors and I’m obsessed. Use code TARA10 for 10% off 1 case and TARA15 for 15% off 2 or more cases.

Grip Strength Fidget Toys – Braun bought these off an instagram add and the whole family loves them. I guess we’re going to have really strong grips in the Thueson household. haha

Wisps – The easiest way to freshen your breath on the go. I keep them in an empty large gum pack.

Anker Portable Charger – One of the best gadgets I’ve found in the last couple of months. I throw it in my purse and if my phone gets close to (or does die) I’m able to quickly charge it. It also works with a loopy case. While your at it, grab the Charging station for it as well.

Red Aspen – The best press on nails ever! I’ve used them for years. They recently came out with Fall and Winter dashes and I’m loving them!