Weekly Roundup 5/3-5/9

This week has been a doozy, but I’m so glad we got to end it as a family in St. George for Mother’s Day. Not just Braun and the kids, but alllll my siblings and their kids! I seriously love it when we are all together. Since I had some extra help in keeping the kids busy, I thought that I’d squeeze in a weekly round up.. haven’t done one in quite awhile and I’m going to start doing them again weekly. If you’re new here, it’s basically a brain dump of all the things that were asked a ton this week, my fave things I wore or used, things you need to know, or things we did!

Top Three Questions From The Week:

Q: What are my favorite summer visors?

I got this question a ton! My most recent favorite and my most worn this summer is hands down this Free People one. I have the tan one, and here is a ton of really cute colored options in it too.. It looks big, and I won’t lie, it is. But it covers everything in all the directions and that’s the point of it!! This one is a cheaper version on amazon and this one at target with the same look. This one is more like a hat.. it rolls up and I love the colors in it!

Q: What are my favorite workout clothes?

I tried to do a few OOTD and sneaker shares of this, this week. Honestly this is a daily question I get because I usually do some sort of story from our home gym. HERE is my go to workout outfit, and everything is linked in that blog post.. except 99.99% of the time I have on my Ultraboosts. I think I’m probably going to return the controversial sneakers. I still feel like I’m cheating on my ultraboosts and I found these ones that look almost identical to the super expensive shoes!! This outfit costs as much as one pair of Lulu shorts, and I love the free people ones wayyyyyyyyy more.

Q: What are my favorite Target sandals?

This question came the morning that the 20% off sandals started so I made a cute collage on it! Tap the pictures below to shop.. but I did want to highlight that these look IDENTICAL to my favorite shop sols sandals. I can’t speak on the quality or comfort though.. if you wanted to order the shop sols version, code TARATHUESON will save you some money.

Okay bonus question because I forgot about this one till I looked at the screenshots of messages I had taken to remember… haha!

Q: Where did I get my bag strap?

You can shop the whole look HERE.


Stanley is restocking June 7th! You can text STANLEY to +1-801-3287 to be notified when they launch! ALSO their flip straw collection restocked this week and a few things are still available. I know you all LOVE the 40oz above but for kids, the straw is the way to go. Same with the beach – no one wants sand going down their open top in the ones above. I definitely grabbed a few sizes of the flip top.. 22, 30, 40, 64…… haha! The 64oz will be perfect at the beach or by the pool when I’m going for most of the day.

June 14th.. I can’t tell you anything yet but MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Last time I worked with Shine Cosmetics I designed GOALS and BLOOM lipgloss and they’re still really the only lip color I use on the daily. They’re the prettiest neutrals! Did you know I designed them!? You can use code TARA on their site any time for 10% off.

In case you missed it…

I’m pretty sure this was the comfiest outfit that I wore all week.. you can find all the links HERE.

Found my absolute favorite tees again at Cents of Style. I was soooo excited!! We used to sell these at Poppy. All of the info on them is HERE.

Red Aspen launched some amazing new colors and a DEEPLY discounted join promo that ends on the 11th.. I’d love to have you on my team of boss babes! I posted a ton of info on it HERE.

This week on the blog

Finally put together all of the Teen Bra recommendations and my girls picks HERE. Click the pictures below to shop the recs, or go to the blog post for more detail on them all!

My Girls Faves:

Most Recommended:

April’s top sellers using my links! These ones don’t surprise me.. they’re all of my favorite products, haha! Read the full blog post HERE or shop the pictures below. There are a few items in the blog post that aren’t in the slider below..

It makes me laugh how invested you guys are in my Amazon purchases. I haven’t done a round up for them in a bit and you guys are still asking! I promise to be consistent with this, too. Read the post HERE, or shop the pictures below.

My current favorite products to use on straight hair. The blog post is HERE. I’m going to make you go read it though, because I want you to know how I’m using the products and for what purpose!! There’s a ton of info in this post.

Controversial Topics on the gram…

Number one: do you workout commando or are you weird and wear underwear?

Sooo many of you replied to those stories, haha! I think it’s important to note that the Free People shorts do have a mesh liner that are basically built in undies. Later that week my leggings ripped… and it made me second guess my choices to be underwear-less, but not enough to put any on. & then someone sent me their horror story of the seam rip at the gym.. scary, but glad I don’t go to a gym.

Number two: Chick-fil-a is removing too many things off of their menu to “simplify”

I’m upset about it. My kids are upset about it. Every follower that does not work at chick-fil-a is upset about it.. Most CFA employees in my DMs are thrilled because the options available were overwhelming.

Number three: Keep the shoes or return???

I still don’t know the answer to this. They are these shoes in the warm silk & pastel melange color.. I did do some research and found similar looking ultraboosts… 7,398 of you said I should return them because they are too expensive & 2,558 of you I’m offended by.

I’m just feeling really dang grateful today to be surrounded by the people I love so much and I’m going to soak up this one last day! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend & if you’re a mom, happy Mother’s Day!!!