2022 Boys Christmas Present Wins

I rounded up a few things that were Christmas wins from you guys and in our fam!

Nintendo Switch – Did I or didn’t I buy this for myself to play animal crossing? hah! But for real, that game is so addicting. However, I did get this for the boys.

Shark Watch – This one was a surprise for me.. the boys LOVE their watches. There a couple of cool features on it too, the boys are setting alarms for everything! haha Code TARAT10 will save ya!

Nike Flex Runners – I bought a couple of pairs of these for both of them. They are the best shoe! Cute and they slip on so it’s a win, win.

Inflatable Tube Guy – It’s a mini tube guy and so fun to watch. Such a fun boy gift.

Klask – I wasn’t sure about this one, but Dash and Jett have played this nonstop! “Like a foosball table on-the-go, Klask comes fully assembled and can be played on any flat surface, making it the perfect tabletop game.”

Gold Chains – I’m sure you’ve seen the boys wearing these chains! They are a big hit.

Chinese Checkers – My family plays this as least once a day. It’s such a fun one for all ages + I feel like we can leave it out and it’s pretty enough to not have to worry about it.

Tricking Board – The boys can’t wait to use this on the tramp once it gets warmer!

Tiny Hands – These have been a blast for the whole family, I don’t know why they are funny, but they are.

Piggy Bank – Dash has been loving this to keep all his very important valuables. 😉

Roller Blades – Jett’s been wearing these around the house, not my fave thing but at least they are getting used??? They’ll be great in the Spring!

Bumper balls – Do these really need an explanation? I’m just hoping that no one gets a concussion. They boys and their friends have been using these nonstop.

Slippers – These are super warm and cozy + have hard bottoms so I feel like they last wayyyy longer. As long as they don’t outgrow them first.