Back to School with Walmart

Sponsored by Walmart

Ahhhh, back to school shopping.. sounds super fun, right?! Sometimes right. Sometimes wrong haha! Boys?!?! YEP! I don’t even have to bring them with me. They’re totally uninterested in clothes shopping (or any shopping for that matter). I headed to Walmart to grab them some clothes + supplies… helllooooooo one stop shopping!! The best. I’ve put together this blog post to make it super easy for you! You can order online and pick it up, or have it delivered fast and FREE for orders over $35!

Jett’s Jeans | Dash’s Shirt | Dash’s Pants

You can grab these tee’s individually in store or in a set online. I totally suggest the set if you like the colorways! They have 22 different sets of 3 you can choose from, so I bet you’ll find one or 22 you may like haha! Jett’s shirt is sold out online, but you can find them in stores in clearance still in some places, it was part of the 4th of July stuff.

Jeans | Vans (similar) | Sneakers (similar)

Honestly, Walmart’s Wonder Nation brand makes a great pair of jeans. The boys like the slimmer fit because they’re so tiny. These have the adjustable waistband and they’re a stretchier fabric, which is more comfortable then normal denim. Jett is wearing the trailblazer brown + Dash is in the gray color. Jett’s got on the cutest Sneakers!!


Anyone else have tiny boys?! Most of Jett’s stuff still comes from the toddler section haha! Blessing and a curse at times. Thankfully Walmart has some great plain and not “baby/toddler” looking options. Here are his shirts. They also come in a set!

Sneakers (similar)| T-Shirt | Shorts

I swear my boys would leave the house in athletic wear or shorts every single day regardless of the temperature if I let them. The number one request before I leave are new shorts. Walmart had these super fun ones, I feel like everyyyyone has had a checkered pair of shorts once in their life amiright?!?! Jett loved them.

T-Shirt | Shorts

These are Dash’s shorts. Look really hard in this pic though….. JETT! What are you doing back there?!?!? Why when I’m taking pictures!?! haha!

Thought I was going to get some good smiles here.. I said, squeeze each other till their head pops off! Well…Dash took it a little extreme… Jett was bawling!!

This is hysterical, but 110% describes life with boys…. can anyone guess what their only supply request was?? I didn’t even know they existed……

Sweet + Stinky Markers

YUP. Disgusting scented markers. What. The. Heck! haha. It made them so happy to see I got them. I will link a ton of other supplies I got. Walmart school supplies are as little as $0.25! Going to stock up and bring some in as classroom back up. We love Crayola stuff.

Here’s some backpack options I gave the boys! They do like to pick out their own of those, so we will go back to the store to finalize.

Hope you get some good ideas from this and it makes your school shopping a little easier. I still need to shop for the girls. They’re more difficult. I’m always curious how other schools work and now extra curious this year because of the changes. Does your classroom have supplies on hand, do you bring in one thing bulk for the whole classroom or does your kiddo have all of their own stuff!? Hop on over to IG to let me know!