Dash’s 11th Birthday

First off, I can’t believe that I have an 11 year old boy. It is CRAZY to me. He is the best big brother to Jett with the kindest soul. He loves to play outside, be active, and can never sit still. We love you Dasher Boy! Here’s what we got him for his birthday that was a hit!

Football Trading Cards – Both Dash and Jett have been trading card obsessed, whether it’s pokémon or sports cards!

Dash loves to play games! Heck, our whole family does. It’s such a fun way to spend time together. We got him the SKYJO card game the PLAY NINE card game. Both of been really fun!

Crazy Aaron’s Hide Inside Design Studio Thinking Putty – This is another fun one! It’s a game, but they have to mix in all the stuff and then play it.

Night Vision Goggles – This is like the most boy present I could have gotten him and he LOVES them. I’m sure he will use them all the time this summer.

Segway – The amount of times that I’ve tripped over this thing in my living room is ASTOUNDING. haha but it’s super fun to ride. I’ll probably be zipping through our neighborhood on it once the dang snow melts!

Super Gross Chemistry Set – Can ya tell Dash like to make messes.. I mean “experiments” haha! This set has 45 gross science experiments in it from dissecting a fake brain to making slime!

Finger Fidget Spinners – I swear I have 1000 fidget toys all over my house because we buy so many for the boys to play with! These ones are super cool though!

Hacky Sack – This one wasn’t originally a birthday present since the boys ordered them for themselves.. but I’m counting it anyway. All the boys in the house, including the hacky sack king himself (Braun) have played with these nonstop.

Shark Watch – This was actually a Christmas gift, but he LOVES it so much. I could have gotten him another one and he would have been thrilled. Code TARAT10 will save you 10%!

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