Easter Gift Guide for Boys – 2023

Dash and Jett are at an age where it is super fun to shop for them! They enjoy games, silly toys, but also like a few practical things. It’s a perfect mix!

Tubby Todd – They just launched a new kids line that includes a suds stick, face wash, deodorant stick, and sunscreen. This link save you 15%!

Bumper balls – Do these really need an explanation? I’m just hoping that no one gets a concussion. They boys and their friends have been using these nonstop.

Doodle Board – These are fairly inexpensive and so fun! You can draw on them and the hit a button and it erases.

Kadu Connectable Toys – You’ve heard me talk about these over and over. The boys will play with them for hours, you can build so many things, I actually really like to play with them too. Code TARA for 15% off.

Easter Book – This is a fun one that my boys have loved!

Hair Gel – My go to for my boys, hold their hair all day long.

Shark Watch – We got these for the boys for Christmas, and they LOVE them so much. Dash and Jett are always setting timers now and checking what time it is. Code TARAT10 will save you 10%!

Gold Chain – I don’t understand the rage for these, but the boys love to wear them… Braun included! Dash now has 4 different ones to rotate through, he loves them that much.

5,000 Awesome Facts Book – My boys have learned a ton of cool stuff from this book!

Zipper Hooded Towel – This is one of the most convenient things I’ve come across. Comes in a bunch of colors too!

Swim Trunks – I’ve said it before.. Cotton On has the cutest swim suits! Always fun prints available for all the kids.

Bloom + Bliss Affirmation Cards – I always want my kids to know for themselves that they are amazing. These affirmation cards remind them that they are! They can hang them in their room or you can read them together often. I love that these ones are boy specific! Code TARA saves you 20% sitewide.

SKYJO – Dash loves to play games! Heck, our whole family does. It’s such a fun way to spend time together. We got him this card game for his birthday and have been playing nonstop!

Book Light – If you’ve got a reader, these are super nice to have!

Stanley – Did you really think we were going to have a gift guide without a Stanley? These 20 oz ones are perfect to take to school and after school activities. I love the flip straw/ lid because it won’t spill.

Pindaloo – I had this on the Christmas gift guide and it was a hit! Super fun skill game, my boys love it.

Stacking Cups – Another great game, Dash has gotten pretty fast at it recently!

Egg Chalk – Although it looks tie dye, the colors show up super bright. Hoping my boys won’t throw these as balls and break them..hah!

Sandals – Reef sandals are the only ones that my boys wear and have worn for a while! So comfortable and hold up so well.

Roller Blades – Jett’s been wearing these around the house, not my fave thing but at least they are getting used??? They’ll be great in the Spring!

Paint by Sticker – These are so much fun! They have to match the various colored stickers to the correct number. These will be great for road trips.

Goosebumps Blanket – Another item that will always put on my gift guides. The best blanket. It’s pretty much an adult swaddle and our entire family loves them. Code TARA saves 15%.

Scooter – As it warms up, I want my boys to be outside! Grabbing outdoor games, bikes, and scooters is a must. This one as a kickstand which is so nice.

Easter Pajamas – So, so cute! All the kids could wear these ones.

Rubber Slides – I wear similar ones all summer long. Love them so much. Waterproof and easy to slip on and go!

Water Guns – What boy wouldn’t want a water gun? I’m sure mine would have a HAY DAY with these.