Weekly Faves

Here’s what you guys loved this week!

Red Aspen – The  nails that I have been talking about for years! They always keep things fresh by launching new nail dashes every week.

Scalp Massager – If you guys haven’t tried one of these, you’re missing out. First off, it feels so dang. good. PLUS, it stimulates hair growth and really gets your scalp squeaky clean.

Belt Bag – One of the hottest trends this year (and last) in my opinion and I’m happy about it. This bag is the most convenient thing ever. So great for traveling or if you don’t want to lug a purse around. So many colors in stock!

Magnetic Washer Prop – Drying the door gate to the washer can be sooo annoying, because I hate having it wide open after a load. This little tool is so cool.. it’s magnetic so it just pops on. They have little disk attachments if the front of your washer isn’t magnetic. Anyway it props the washer door open just a bit so that it dries and doesn’t smell.

Batter Mixer – If vou haven’t used this batter mixer for pancakes then you are MISSING OUT. It’s so easy.. comes with a little ball that blends everything up as you shake it and then you can easily pour out your batter for perfectly portioned pancakes!

Isle of Paradise Drops – Get 2 for the price of 1!! Just add a couple drops to your moisturizer at night and wake up with a pretty glow. Code LUCKYDAY saves ya $10 if you are a new customer.

Cedar Clogs – These clogs are so dang cute! I have had them for awhile now and they are one of my go to church heels. If you know me you know I don’t love wearing heels, but I love this clog style. Plus I don’t feel like I am going to roll my ankle.

Rubber Birkenstocks – I wear Birkenstocks year round, but especially in spring and summer. These are the waterproof, rubber-like slides and the new colors are waaaay cute! I love the lime green, it’s one of my favorite colors right now!

Shower Cap – In between hair wash days this is a saving grace. Keeps my hair frizz free and totally dry in the shower. Plus this one is great if you’ve got a big head like me.

Bio Ionic Curling Iron – This is the best curling iron I have ever used. I have both the 1′ and the 1.25. If I want tighter more beachy curls, I’ll use the 1″ .. if I want them a bit more loose, I’ll use the bigger! Grab it here if you missed the sale last time! Use code 30OFF,