Father’s Day Gift Guide – 2023

I can’t believe how close Father’s Day is! I’m definitely running a little late to the game with this gift guide.. Some of you are like me though and wait till the last minute with gifts haha. Here’s a few of Braun’s (and my) faves for Father’s Day!

Coconu – I don’t know about you, but what’s better then the gift of lube? If you haven’t tried this, it’s an all natural lube that is AMAZING. I don’t just use it for it’s initial purpose, but use it on dry skin, I keep it in my pool bag for sunburns, use on my leather camera strap, you name it! Use code TARA for 15% off! I prefer the oil based, but you can get a combo pack to see which one you like best.

Airpod Max – I converted Braun to these this year and he’s obsessed just as much as I am. I prefer them over the regular AirPods (although there is a time and place for those).

Santal 33 – Braun wears about 5 cologne’s and this is one of them!

Apple Watch Ultra – Watches can be EXPENSIVE, so why not get one that can track steps, send text messages, is waterproof, and so many other things? The ultra is Apple’s version of a sports watch, but does all the things a regular Apple watch can do!

Stanley Cups – I know a lot of men who are totally against the stanley tumblers.. I don’t know why because it would literally change their life haha. BUT, this is a stanley CUP, no lid but perfect to keep their drink cold around the house. It’s marketed as a beer cup, so if that’s his thing go for it! But would def work with water or soda haha

Pocket Knife with Scissors – Another great pocket knife option and this one has scissors!

Airpod Max Case – If your buying the headphones, ya need a good case! Genuine leather and comes in a few different colors. Both Braun and I have one!

Swinging Camping Chair – For those long soccer, football, and baseball games this chair is going to be so comfy that everyone is gonna want to take a spin in it. I would just worry about Braun rocking himself to sleep! haha

Andar – You guys know my love for Andar products. You can’t go wrong with any of their wallets, cases, or bags. Braun loves the Apollo wallet, Macbook cover, and AirPod case!

Unseen Sunscreen – It’s golf and pool season that this will be a lifesaver! We all love this sunscreen at the Thueson household.

Phillips Trimmer – One of the top sellers of 2022 and for good reason! This bad boy is amazing at getting all the hair and a crisp line. I also use it to cute my boys’ hair, there’s tons of attachments that come with it.

Gun Safe – If you own one, it’s important to keep it locked away SAFELY. This has been the best and Braun is obsessed with it.

Travis Matthews T-shirt – Braun owns A LOT of this shirt. It’s his favorite t-shirt ever. I’m sure you have seen him wear it in my stories.

Automatic Screwdriver – Didn’t even know these existed until a few weeks ago! So handy.

Magnetic Rangefinder – Not really sure what this does, but I’m sure if you’ve got a golfer they will love this! It’s also magnetic so it can stick to the golf cart which is cool.

Lulu Lemon Swim Trunks – When was the last time the man in your life bought a swimsuit? Odds are it was a long time ago, it’s time to upgrade! These are Braun’s go to ones.

REEF Sandals – If you husband needs a pair of comfortable, no break in period sandals/ flip flops REEF is the way to go!

Smart Meat Thermometer – If you’ve got a man you likes to good, this smart meat thermometer is awesome! It connects to your phone for added convenience.

Truff Hot Sauce – Braun and I are obsessed with this stuff! It’s so dang good.

Prada Cologne – Another one of Braun’s “signature scents”.. although can you only have one signature scent? He has about 5! haha

Traeger Grill – We love our smoker, but if that’s intimidating this is awesome! It’s a flat top grill so it’s so dang versatile.

Airfly – If your partner is like Braun and travels all. the. time then they will LOVE this. It connects to your airplane tv and becomes a bluetooth adapter for your headphones. This way you can watch the shows they offer.. I swear they always have good ones!

Sleep Crown – This is in no way sponsored, but man I wish it was because I will share about it FOREVER. haha Blocks sound, light, and is the comfiest thing ever. Get the regular size one! Both Braun and I have them and I will never be the same.

The Intentional Father – Braun loves this book!

Tumi Crossbody – I don’t know what we ever did before cross body bags.. I’m so glad they are in right now and I’ll be wearing one for longgg time. Nobody has time to lug around a purse. This is a great option for the men in your life! It can hold a ton of stuff.

Electric Weed Eater – These are the future. Powered by your tool batteries, no more gas!

Flow Wall – These make organization in the garage a breeze. If you know Braun, that is music to his ears.

Chirp Wheels – The best gift I bought myself for Christmas. It stretches and cracks and feels so dang good.

Trio Charger – Awesome at your bedside or traveling! Love that you only have to think about bringing one thing and not a million cords.

Yeti Lunchbox – This is perfect if you need to take a few drinks and some ice! I take ours to soccer games to keep drinks cold.

Yeti Cooler – The strap on this one is a game changer. We love our Yeti coolers. Keeps things cold for so long. Perfect for boating, camping, sports games, etc.

Sandals – Another great sandal option.

Purple Pillow – You’ll notice on here that I have a lot of stuff that Braun uses to sleep, this pillow is one of them. Actually, our whole fam uses them. They’re great!

Maui Jim Sunglasses – Braun’s fave sunglasses to wear golfing.

Rolex Book – Getting him a rolex may not be within the budget, but this book it! Such a great addition to an office space.

Car Litter Bags – We have a lot of “manlier” prints and patterns on the site to help with all the little garbage that piles up.

Melin Hat – Pretty much the only baseball caps Braun wears. Comes in 16 colors.

Cord Organizer – This sticks to the nightstands, desks, whatever you want really to keep cords from falling down. They’re awesome!

Tesla Car Mount – Braun bought A LOT of car mounts for the Tesla to try out and ended up really loving this one.

GoPro – So great for adventures and vacations. You will use it for years and years.

Knee Pillow – You know you’re old when… but for real we both of these knee pillows and if your a side sleeper, it helps keep everything aligned at night so you don’t wake up with aches and pains.

Traveling Electronics Case – So many compartments to keep everything organized. I love Dagne Dover stuff, it’s neoprene so it stretches a little if ya need it too and it lightweight.

Tumi Backpack – Braun has had this for years and it has held up so well. Travels with it every single time.

Putting Green Mat – I’m hesitant to put this on here because you may never see your husband again, but this would be cool in an office, garage, or basement.

Black Utah License Plate – Have you guys seen these? The state of Utah now offers them and they are RAD.

Anker Charging Cable – Braun’s biggest pet peeve is when people steal his chargers.. so now he has about 10 of them that I’m sure will disappear over the next few months. haha These are our faves!

Screwdriver Set – Comes with everything you would need!

Need a quick gift from the kids? These are a fave of mine! So simple, captures your kids personality and comes from the heart. I added these to the Father’s Day gift guide last year and they were a hit!

Another one of Braun’s favorite gifts that we surprised him with was a home video.. So many of you still ask me about it! It’s all linked up in this blog post.. We love watching it still to this day! Braun absolutely loved it and I would recommend this to any of you looking for an awesome gift. It’s a great way to capture your kids at the ages they are now and preserve a little bit of what life is like.