May 2023 Top Sellers

All the things you (+ me) were loving the most in May 2023!!

Red Aspen Nails – So many cute summer colors dropped last month! Bye, bye are the days of spending time and money in the salon when these bad boys are $14-$16 and will last 2 weeks.

Linen Shorts – Over 500 of you bought these shorts and for good reason! They are AMAZING. Super lightweight, cute and come in regular or TALL length. I bought the tan pair in the TALL length and a black pair in the regular length, which probably hit 2 inches higher then these. You can see what they look like HERE. They are linen and have pleats on the front. I’ll definitely be wearing them all summer long. In my regular size 4. I also grabbed these linen pull on shorts from Gap and LOVE them.

Portable Mirror – Perfect for on the go, has lights on it so you can see so well. Throw in your purse for touch ups!

Chalk Markers – So dang fun for summer! They wash off pretty easily (besides the dark blue and black). A great summer activity to keep the kids entertained.

Leather Honey – When was the last time you conditioned your leather? Make it look brand new again with this! It’s the only one I use.

Stanley Canteen – A new product that Stanley just launched and I’m obsessed. We took these to Florida and carried them around everywhere. I will say, they aren’t insulated so it can be cold (or hot) when it’s resting against your body.

Ribbed Tank – I’ve worn these for years. I size up to a medium for a little more room and wear them as a swim coverup a lot of the time. Tons of color options.

Cargo Pants – So many of you snagged these pants and I’m happy about it! Such a versatile pant. I recommend sizing down!

Salty Tub Co – They just launched this new Zen bath kit and it’s so good! They make the perfect gifts too. Code TARA will save you 20%.

327 Sneakers – I’ve shared about these a ton lately. They sell out quick, but this pair actually has a few sizes left. Comfortable and cute, you can wear them with so many things! I post when they restock.

Levi Shorts – These are some of Emery’s favorite shorts at the moment and I like them too! Love that they are long, I swear when I was a teen it was all about how short you could get your shorts haha.

Bodysuit – My favorite bodysuit! It’s a full coverage bum so no insane wedgies. Soft and a ton of different styles.

DIME – You guys love their stuff just as much as I do. They launched a few new products this month that are amazing. I love the perfumes, Core Memory is a new fave! It’s a dupe for my signature scent in high school. Use code TARA20 for 20% off your order.

AirStrait – I really wanted to hate this thing for how expensive it is.. but I just can’t! It is AMAZING. If you have curly hair like I do, this will change the way you do your straight hair.

REEF Sandals – If you are looking for a comfortable, no break in period sandal, these are them. They have a ton of cute styles to choose from for the whole fam. They’re the only flip flops my boys will wear.

Freya Sweater Set – This just restocked in a bunch of colors. Such a good summer outfit. Em is wearing the XS and we share it, so you can size down if ya want.

SD Card Reader For iPhone – I’m all for ease and simplicity and this makes it so I don’t have to upload my camera pictures onto my computer, they just go straight to my phone.

LuluLemon Visor – I’ve been really trying to protect my face from the sun and hats have been my go to. This visor is great for beach days or walks with the dogs.

Candle Warmer – I’ve shared about this for a couple of months. It’s been awesome, especially if you forget to blow out candles. It has a timer that will auto turn off.

LuluLemon Belt Bag – We all know and love these. There have a few different sizes now the regular 1L, a 2L, and a new mini one! Quite a few color options too.

Birkenstocks – I fell in love with these when I saw them in store. Love the big buckles and back strap detail.

Pill Organizer – I have one in my car, one in my purse, and one is my travel bag at all times. They have a small size and a large size. You can put not only pills in here but all the little things that tend to get lost in your bag (jewelry, hair ties, etc).

Scented Trash Bags – You never knew you could get compliments on a trash bag.. well, think again! These smell amazing and make it so your garbage doesn’t stink.

Clean Skin Club Face Towels – I watched a video about how much bacteria is on our towels after just a few days… It was gross. These make it so you have a clean towel to wash/ dry your face every time. Just use it and throw it away.

Diving Gems – We have these down in St. George and they keep the kids entertained for hours!

Shine BB Cream – I use this every single day and have for years! It’s my absolute favorite. Code TARA will save you 10% site wide. Goals and Bloom are my favorite lip glosses from them.