February 2023 Amazon Purchases

A list of what I bought on Amazon in February!

I am allll about convenience and Subscribe and Save has saved my butt more than once! I get all the essentials delivered to my door. Depending on what it is I set how often I want to get it delivered. Here’s a list of my subscribe and saves:

Liquid Death – Flavored water in a can may seem a bit weird, but this stuff tastes gooood.

Nobody told me how bad wet cat food smells! But cats gotta eat.

Celsius Sparkling Peach Energy Drink – If you haven’t tried these, they are SO GOOD.

Bird seed – I love having a little bird house suctioned to my window… so does Bruce. This winter they have been nonstop eating so bird seed is essential.

Pirate’s Booty – One of the kids’ favorite snacks.

PetHonesty Digestive Probiotics – Getting real raw and honest with my amazon purchases. hah! Gotta help those pups poop!

The Busy Bone treats are on the subscribe list for Pennie and Goldie, a fan favorite for sure.

Mentos Gum – A Thueson fam staple.

Fiji Water – The best water, don’t try and change my mind!

Trash Bags – I used to forget these all the time. Not anymore! I love the scented one too.

Toilet Paper – Another staple haha. Charmin is our fave.

Paper Towels – If you haven’t tried these paper towels you are missing out! They are think and cloth like, I love them.

Okay I don’t love the pre-made protein drinks, but these Fairlife Core Power ones are GOOD. Taste just like chocolate milk and keep you full for so long.

Paper Plates – These are biodegradable so I don’t feel as bad using them! Easy clean up for the win.

This window cleaner is my favorite.. maybe that’s why the birds keep hitting my windows? haha

Cat Scratcher – Really trying to get the cats to NOT ruin our new furniture downstairs.

Catit Game – Shared this on on my stories! It was fun for the whole pet clan haha!

Silicone Mat – The perfect mat for crafting, doing nails, etc!

Travel Jar – Trying this travel jar out! Leakproof and has a twist on lid.. now I just need to go on a vacation.

Butter Mints – I know, I know.. I’m 90 years old, but LOVE these mints. haha

Cat Litter Trapper – I am going to go crazy if I see any more litter around my house.. hoping this mat stops it in its tracks. Once the cats step on it the litter goes into a pouch underneath. Magic if you ask me.

Dawn Dish Soap – A tried and true.

Hefty Bags – The best bags for donations and yard work!

Cat Carrier – When Braun took the cats to St. George this is what he used to travel with them and it was great!

Cat Training Tape – Hoping this could keep the cat’s claws off the brand new couch we just bought… yeesh they may be the death of me.

Churu Treats – Frankie and Bruce approved!

Egg Holder – If your family goes though eggs like the Thueson fam does, this is awesome! I love that it rolls the eggs forward.

Tide Pods – Throw a couple of these in a big load and your are good to go. But if you add the Glamorous Wash… HEAVENLY.

Fuel for Outdoor Tools – Need this for the snowblower with allll the snow we got.

Light Fixture – We put this one in the living room downstairs! I really like it.

Outlets – Do you have USB outlets? They are game changing. You can have a lot plugged into one outlet which is so nice. We bought three different kinds here, here, and here!

Gold Vertical Light – Put this one in one of the bathrooms downstairs. There is a weird ledge in the bathroom ceiling, but putting this between the two mirrors looks so good! I was shocked at the quality for how good of a price it is.

Gold Wall Sconce – This went into the second bathroom in the basement above the mirror. I’m just glad we don’t have to use lanterns in there anymore.. haha only took me a year!

Long Lightbulbs – Pretty self explanatory considering all the fixtures we just bought. Circular bulbs linked here.

Basement Shelf Styling Items:

Round Cement Looking Boxes

2 Box Set

Wood Chain

3 Box Set

A lot of this stuff is on Dash’s birthday blog post!

Hacky Sack – This one wasn’t originally a birthday present since the boys ordered them for themselves.. but I’m counting it anyway. All the boys in the house, including the hacky sack king himself (Braun) have played with these nonstop.

Pokémon Binders – Got these for Dash and Jett for Valentine’s Day. I really like them because they are fairly small and easy for them to carry around. White one linked. Colorful one linked.

Dash loves to play games! Heck, our whole family does. It’s such a fun way to spend time together. We got him the SKYJO card game the PLAY NINE card game. Both of been really fun!

Chain Charm – Don’t even get me started on these. I don’t know how the boys convinced me to buy them.

Night Vision Goggles – This is like the most boy present I could have gotten him and he LOVES them. I’m sure he will use them all the time this summer.

Finger Fidget Spinners – I swear I have 1000 fidget toys all over my house because we buy so many for the boys to play with! These ones are super cool though!

Table Tennis – This was a great find. You attach the net to your table and you have an instant ping pong table.

Mouse Ears – Em was headed to Florida for cheer so we grabbed some of these cheap ears!

Candle Warmer – I shared about this on my stories! It’s awesome. It’s a heat lamp that warms the candle so that you can have the smell without the flame. I like this one because you can adjust the light from low to high and it has a timer.

Air Freshener – The same company that makes the Glamorous Wash makes car air fresheners and I’m obsessed. They smell so dang good.

Bodysuit – Been loving brown lately and so I grabbed this bodysuit in a small.

Lip Mask – My girls love this lip mask.

Body Tape – If you need clothes to stay in place (dresses, a low cut shirt, etc) this stuff does will keep it in place!

Men’s Deodorant – Braun is trying this deodorant out!

Set for Life Book – You know Braun and his books! He just ordered this one. Hasn’t gotten here yet, but I’ll have to tell ya how he likes it.

Nail Brushes – My girls love to do their nails, these brushes make it 10x easier to do fun designs.

Kopari – Leave skin buttery smooth. I love their exfoliator too!

Gel Nail Colors – Again, the girls love doing their nails so they order these fun pastel color liner set for spring and a huge assortment of colors.

Bond – This makes it so that I can turn my fan on with Alexa! Works for a bunch of other things too.

Pillow – Gonna try this pillow out since it’s recommended for side sleepers.

Clothing Patches – I swear I buy my boy’s new pants and the next day there are holes in them… anyone else? These will patch the hole and hopefully stop it from getting bigger.

Ankle Socks – Everyone needs a classic white sock to wear with tennis shoes, the ankle socks are super in and I love it!

Striped Ankle Socks – Okay, how cute are these!? I’ve been wearing them nonstop! They looks so good with sneakers.

Bacitracin Zinc – This helps with cuts to heal the quicker.